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Amsterdam: Why You Can No Longer Cycle With Your Phone

Our post “Amsterdam: Why you can no longer cycle with your phone” will show you the reason why you cannot do this thing anymore. So, read it to avoid unexpected situations on your first visit to this country.

Bikers Are Allowed To Use Phones While Biking In The Past


Since 2002, it was illegal for truck drivers, car drivers, motorists, etc. to commute when using cell phones in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, bikers were still free to scroll, text, and call while they ride.   

In most Dutch cities and villages, biking is the primary mean of transportation for many locals.  At that time, people even joked that there were more bicycles in the Netherlands than the Dutch population.

At the moment, the number of people who are using pedal power to go around is greater than ever. Current estimates pointed out that, cycling made up one out of four expeditions in the whole country.

The Downsides Caused By The Popularity Of Cycling – Cycle With Your Phone


The popularity of cycling still has drawbacks in spite of its positive impacts on health, city traffic, and the environment.

Firstly, many cycle tracks in large inner-city centers such as Amsterdam frequently undergo overloaded and become especially jammed during peak hours. Though accidents rarely happened, they still occur in bustling places, frequented by legions of bikers every day.

The Rising Number Of Accidents


Following the Government, road accidents involving bicycles have risen seriously over the past years. The reasons perhaps are overcrowding, coupled with rising cell phone use among bikers.

Research carried out by the government shows that a considerable portion of pedaling accidents is made by reckless portable device use. The age that most involved in this situation are youngsters from 12 to 25. 

Also, opinion voting indicates that about 75% of Dutch locals believe that bikers should not be permitted to ride when using their mobile phones. 

Then, with this in mind, the government has determined to push forward the previous ban, which would restrict cell phones on the street altogether.

Extended Rule For All Mobile Electronic Devices – Cycle With Your Phone


 Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Dutch transport minister, and infrastructure clarified that “Phone is just as dangerous on a bike as it is in a car. The fact is that whenever you’re on the road you should be paying full attention and not doing anything at all on the phone”. She also said to the everyday Dutch print Algemeen Dagblad that “This decision sets a clear standard: if you drive a vehicle in traffic, whatever the vehicle, you do not need to hold a mobile electronic device”.

Basically, the prohibition will expand the scope of the regulations on mobile phones that already work on other street commuters. Also, the ban ensures that bikers abide by the exact rules as drivers of other modes of transportation. It means anyone who actively engages with their digital device when commuting will have to pay a fine of €230.

On the other hand, motorists, as well as cyclists are still free to receive calls on hands-free headsets. As long as their mobile phones are not in their hands, they are not breaking the rules.

The restrictions won’t affect people interacting with their portable devices when properly parked as well.

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