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A Look Into Sydney’s Australian Technology Park

Let’s take a look into Sydney’s Australian technology park to know what it is actually about.

The Original Purpose – Australian Technology Park


The Australian Technology Park was built in 1995. It is a firm and technology center in Eveleigh, downtown suburbia of Sydney.

The main purpose of building this place was to hold hi-tech corporation start-ups and research carried out by the university. It was the New South Wales Government, the University of New South Wales, and the Sydney University of Technology that were in charge of making this construction.

Besides, it was also the place where the universities were able to meet with the industry and turn the outcomes of their study into new spin-offs and industrial procedures. The center then gained a global dimension in an incredibly short time. The Government chose it as a representative for the state of Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand.

The Changing


In 2015, the Australian group Mirvac acquired the site. They aimed to make it become the capital of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 

Then, they planned to regenerate the whole place with 3 new commercial buildings. The design will be under the control of CO AP architects, Woods Bagot & Davenport Campbell, Sissons, and Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp.

The aim of this shift is to bring back the original mission of the park. Not only to create fresh business models but also to help create more jobs.

The Main Features – Australian Technology Park


Upon accomplishment in 2020, the site delivered a state of lifestyle and artwork and home to roughly 18,000 employees. The three CBA buildings create jobs for 10,000 staff alone. 

The activated public spaces and retails were curated carefully to serve the needs of a flexible and modern workforce. The place provides many amenities such as pop-up events, fresco cafes, dining, a supermarket, and a gym. 

At this point, the zone will improve the lives of its communities, defining brand new standards in commercial campus setup.

Impressive Lighting System


Resided opposite the Commonwealth Bank is the Interchange Pavilion decorated with its impressive lighting system. 

With the purpose to bring hospitality to visitors, the design team had to work hard to create a lighting system that makes the construction as stunning by night as it is by day.

They divided the lighting design into 4 levels, the switches, the drama spots, the inner shells, and the outer shells. And hard work pays off, the system has brought a splendid look to the whole park as they wish.

So, don’t hesitate anymore, take some time to visit the park yourself to explore the modern and innovative technology.

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