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A Kind Elephant Calls For Help To Save Drowning Antelope

This amazing scene occurred when an antelope fell into a lake inside an elephant’s enclosure. The elephant called in anguish for help to save his friend, the drowning antelope.

At the La Aurora Zoo in Guatemala City, footage captures the 60-year-old elephant clearly in discomfort and pacing up and down the side of the pool as the antelope fought in the water.

As the enormous animal screamed, visitor Maria Isabel Diaz Ruiz de Llarena captured it on camera and even made an apparent offer to use her trunk to lift it out of the water.

In her Facebook post, Maria said, “Today, I was fortunate enough to witness something incredibly wonderful.” An elephant appeared to be trying in vain to alert zoo staff that an antelope was drowning.

“In the end, a heroic worker saved it.”

The tusker appears to offer the deer its trunk several times in an attempt to liberate it. However, one brave zookeeper plunges into the water to pluck the antelope out while the elephant wanders around the edge of the pool. Eventually, the deer runs off to rejoin its group, and the crowd cheers loudly as the elephant appears to calm down.

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Trompita appears to have a special bond with the antelope because she shares an enclosure with it, according to zoo veterinarian Alejandro Striedinger. The antelope, however, was never in genuine danger, according to Striedinger, as the pool features islands and shallow areas where the animals can easily escape on their own.

He described the amazing scene as “really beautiful.”


60 years old and a 14-year veteran of the Guatemalan zoo, Trompita. She was saved from a nearby circus where she had been raised and coerced into acts.

Following pictures of a newborn elephant in Sri Lanka appearing to jump atop its friend’s back to take a nap, Trompita’s astonishing performance was captured.

The sight, according to photographer Pathum Bandara, stunned him.

The 34-year-old Mr. Bandara said, “Baby elephants are quite lively, and as I was watching a heard of over 200 elephants, I observed these two having fun.”

“The young elephant appeared to be attempting to hitch a ride as he rested on another. He looked in my direction with such a naughty expression.”

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