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A Guide To Abel Tasman National Park In Australia

Today, we will provide you with a guide to Abel Tasman National Park in Australia. This is the smallest part of the entire country. However, its ideal location and landscapes still attract many tourists.

The Park’s Location


Abel Tasman National Park is in the sunniest regions of Australia. Also, it is a natural gem with golden sand beaches and crystal clear water.

The Tonga Island Marine Reserve is just offshore the park. The government really pays attention to aquatic life here. The act of fishing is unlawful in this region. As a result, birdlife is rich as well as the park’s inner channels are quite pristine.

The History Of The Park – Abel Tasman National Park


In fact, this national park is not quite an untouched nature. In history, from about the 19th century, it was cultivated land. However, it is finally in recovery and become a rich and various land.

Going back to earlier times, the Ngati Tumatakokiri tribe lived in the region for a few hundred years. This was followed by European settlement, Starting in the 1850s, it was European that continued to reside in this land. But instead of exploiting the land in an organized manner, the Europeans drained it. They are the cause of environmental degradation, quarrying, and deforestation. 

Just until the middle of the 20th century, environmentalists in Nelson realized that the region along the shore should be conserved. In 1942, the government decided to turn this land into a nationwide park. They named the park after Abel Tasman. He is the first European explorer who set foot on this land.

The Best Trails And Hikes


This place offers many trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty for mountain bikers and hikers.

Some of the best trails you should put on your to-do list such as Gibbs Hill Track, The Coast Track, Wainui Falls Track, Totaranui Walks, etc. 

Wainui Falls Track is an easy and short track. It leads to the stunning Wainui waterfall. Especially, it only costs approximately more than an hour to complete this track.

If you are looking for another short track, you can consider Totaranui Walks. 

The Coast Track is on a whole new level. You have to spend about 3 to 5 days conquering the 60 kilometers of one-way trail. There are huts and campsites along the road. However, you have to book in advance to have a reservation at these sites. Also, be aware of the tide when planning your trip since specific zones are only passable during low tide.

And just like the Coast Track, Gibbs Hill Track is an advanced hiking track. It includes 23 kilometers pathway starting from Totaranui Campground.

Campsites – Abel Tasman National Park


The park has about 20 campsites. All of them are well-equipped with good amenities. However, most of them are only reachable by boating or hiking. 

Some famous campsites such as Mosquito Bay Campsite, Totaranui Campground, etc. are worth your try when coming here.

Mosquito Bay Campsite is a waterside campground that offers about 20 non-powered tent spots. Unfortunately, you can only use the private boat in order to get there.

Another option is Totaranui Campground. This extensive campground provides tourists with a great deal of room to kayak or discovers the tracks in the region. They have 6 convenience blocks distributed throughout the whole area. 

Some Tips For Your Visit


Remember to book accommodation, as well as campsites, well ahead of time.

If you are going to conquer the Coast Track, be well-prepared for all kinds of weather conditions. It can be raining cats and dogs at any time even in the summer.

The peak season is the summertime. So, if you need a more peaceful environment, try to schedule your trip from December to February.

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