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10 Interesting Tim Hortons Facts Most People Aren’t Aware Of

Tim Hortons has almost become a current Canadian cultural icon. We highlight 10 fascinating facts about the iconic brand that appeared “Double Double” in the Oxford Canadian Dictionary.

How much did a Tim Hortons donut use to cost?


A donut cost a penny when Tim Hortons first opened its doors in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. The original Tim Hortons donuts were iconic Canadian favorites like the Dutchie and the Apple Fritter (above).

Some Tim Hortons donuts are more difficult to locate than others.

What is the frequency of your favorite donut? Maple Cruller, Maple Swirl, Chocolate Snow, Chocolate Éclair, and Long Johns are the most difficult to get at Tim Hortons. Count yourself lucky if your town sells those hard-to-find delights!

This is Canada’s donut-eating capital – Facts about Tim Hortons


If there was a donut capital of Canada award, it would most likely go to Lloydminster, Alberta, which has the most donuts consumed per capita. (This sounds like a test to us…)

A magnificent accomplishment

In 2017, Canadians consumed so many Tim Hortons doughnuts that if they were stacked horizontally on top of one another, the height of the CN Tower would be reached. You’ll never see the Toronto skyline the same way again…

These are the world’s two donut-obsessed countries.

Canada is the world’s largest donut consumer, consuming approximately one billion donuts each year, with Japan a close second.

In Canada, 43 million doughnuts are consumed each month.


If you don’t have a calculator, that’s 10 million each week or 1.4 million per day.

Timbit has been around for 46 years.

The Timbit will be 46 years old in 2022, the same age as fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds. If every Timbit ever eaten was lined up, the chain of bite-sized pleasure would extend to the moon and back five times.

The original Tim Hortons logo has a hidden meaning.

Tim Horton, the company’s founder, had four daughters, which were represented by the four donuts in the original design.

Everyone knows that doughnuts are circular, right? – Facts about Tim Hortons

No, not really. A donut’s shape is technically known as a “toroid.”

There is such a thing as a “Priestley” donut, and it is named after Canadian actor Jason Priestley.

Tim Hortons opted to manufacture a batch after the Beverly Hills 90210-alumnus placed a chocolate Timbit into a strawberry-filled donut on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and called it “The Priestley.” Cobie Smulders was so envious of her co-eponymous star’s treat that Tim Hortons gave her its own “Robin Sparkles” donut.

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