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A Curious Cheetah Climbs On Safari Vehicle In Tanzania 

This is the tense moment an inquisitive cheetah in Tanzania climbs and steps onto a safari vehicle and stands within centimeters of a guide’s head while she takes a stunning picture.

When the mother cat approached the truck to investigate, Serena Van Staden was filming in Tanzania’s Serengeti. It hopped onto the open-top car shortly after and was soon observed studying the area from its new vantage point.

Before approaching her up close, the wild cat first examines the vehicle’s back, to Mrs. Van Staden’s delight.

Mrs. Van Staden of the specialized safari firm EverseenSA clutches her lips in disbelief. She is astonished to be so near the cheetah. To acquire a good image of the animal, she starts to move away from the open roof after hearing a man inside the car instruct her to “sit down slowly.”


The daring cheetah even briefly appears to be staring right into the camera at one moment, and Mrs. Van Staden exclaims, “Oh my world, hello my baby.”

“A cheetah mom boarded our safari van when we were on a Serengeti safari and came within less than 30 centimeters of each other,” according to Mrs. Van Staden.

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“Cheetahs are frequently observed hopping onto moving vehicles in the plains to gain a better vantage point.”

“We waited patiently for her to get off and move with her cubs because she called her four cubs to join her, but they came and laid beneath the car.”

In the footage, Mrs. Van Staden can be heard saying, “Holy s***,” as the cheetah moves on.”

The fastest land mammal in the world, cheetahs are renowned for their brilliant speed and sharp vision. They can travel at rates of up to 70 mph, which is more than 30 mph quicker than giraffes.

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