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9 Cozy Spots in Canada That Will Transport You to Fall Season in Europe ​

Look no further if you’ve been planning a trip to Europe. You can visit many places in Canada that resemble European locations without taking a flight across the Atlantic!

Canada has everything you could possibly want, including the cobblestone streets of France, the glacial fjords of Norway, and the lush, rolling hills of Scotland.

This fall, these nine locations will instantly transport you to Europe, and some are so extraordinary they might even compare to the real thing!

Quebec City


Quebec City is a miniature version of the European paradise place right here in Canada because of its cobblestone streets, historic structures, and distinct French identity.

You can easily persuade yourself that you are spending the fall in France with a little assistance from the Notre-Dame de Québec and the Château Frontenac.



How about a trip to Banff National Park if Switzerland is a little too far away? Both promise endless hiking trails, exceptional wildlife, and inspiring views in addition to snow-capped peaks and tiny mountainside towns.

If you’d like to sample some European-inspired luxury as well, the renowned Banff Springs Hotel will make you feel as though you’ve entered a medieval European castle, complete with high tea and a ballroom.

St. John’s

st. John's-fall
st. John’s-fall

The brisk, comfortable months of Ireland’s autumnal season are reminiscent of the fall season in the vibrant fishing village of St. John’s.

Both locations share ocean views, vibrant orange foliage, and a ton of fish restaurants in addition to similar weather. Yes, we are referring to the nonstop rain!

Boyne Valley Provincial Park


Travel to the enchanting Scottish highlands across the Atlantic. This autumnal place in Canada is just as breathtaking as the real thing, with grassy hills, vast fields, and glorious, golden fall foliage in every direction.

Gros Morne


Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland and Labrador to experience the Norwegian autumn. The deep fjords, glacial valleys, waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes of Gros Morne are comparable to those in Europe, and they are right outside our door!



In Victoria, you can wave goodbye to Canada without even saying hello to England. From its horse-drawn carriages and traditional museums to its classic architecture and vibrant flower displays, it has British influences everywhere you look.

If you go in the fall, you might even experience some of the typical British inclement weather!



Whistler, a Canadian town, is actually in British Columbia, but it looks like it belongs in Europe.

Similar to ski areas in Austria, Switzerland, and even France, this magnificent location is a snowsports enthusiast’s paradise. Oh, and the scenery is just as breathtaking as that found in Europe!



Montreal, one of the most European cities in Canada, provides a genuine taste of Paris at every turn.

It will be difficult to believe you aren’t traveling abroad this fall because of the city’s iconic cathedrals, French bistros, and greystone architecture. It also has leafy, cobblestone streets.



Thanks to this quaint and enchanting Victorian town in Eastern Ontario, experiencing Medieval Europe has never been simpler. You can really get lost in history thanks to its very own moat, drawbridge, and stone masonry structures. This is one of the best places in Canada to feel autumn.

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