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9 Best Things To Do In Grand Bend, Ontario This Weekend

Along this stretch of white, powdery beach with sparkling Caribbean blue waves lies Grand Bend and Grand Bend Beach. One of Ontario’s top little towns is Grand Bend. Grand Bend, Ontario, offers a ton of incredible activities, particularly in the summer.


Grand Bend is one of the most well-liked beach towns in southern Ontario. Locals and tourists alike go to the sandy Main Beach during the summer months because of its Blue Flag certification for water purity and safety. Celebrate Canada Day with Southwestern Ontario’s greatest fireworks display on July 1. Grand Bend’s wintertime visitors can enjoy the tranquility and seasonal pursuits like skiing and snowshoeing.

How To Get There

It is situated in Southwest Ontario, about an hour’s drive north of London, Ontario, on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. Those coming into the area have the option of hiring a car after landing at London International Airport (YXU). The Bend Bus leaves on the weekends during the summer from London and Kitchener.

Best Time To Visit Grand Bend For Outdoor Activities

The typical temperature is around 64°F, making summer a great time to explore Grand Bend. The moderate humidity in the air makes it a fantastic day for being outside. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest times to travel to Grand Bend and a busy travel period.

Things To Do In Grand Bend

Relax On The Grand Bend Beach


Grand Bend Beach is the perfect location for sunbathing, swimming, lying on the sand, and strolling the boardwalk. From the coast into the center of town, there is a vibrant vibe.

Kids have designated play spaces where they may stay active and entertained all day. There are accessible walkways and mats to help transport everyone to the beach, ensuring that individuals in strollers or wheelchairs may enjoy everything the beach has to offer.

Visitors are happy with Grand Bend Beach’s warm freshwater seas, sandy shores, and spectacular sunsets. Additionally, this beach enjoys the uncommon distinction of flying the blue flag. There are only 26 of these beaches in Canada, so you can be sure that the water is of the greatest caliber and that swimming is safe.

The North and South Grand Bend Beaches are the two distinct beaches that make up the area. North Grand Bend Beach is by far the most well-liked. Expect it to be crowded on the weekends throughout the summer due to the 20 acres of wide sandy beach.

South Grand Bend Beach is situated across the Ausable River. You may anticipate a more sedate stay here. Although the beach is just as wonderful as its northern cousin, it draws fewer beachgoers because it is farther from the town center. At the end of River Road, a trail leads to the beach.

Visit Pinery Provincial Park


Pinery Provincial Park, one of Ontario’s most breathtaking natural locations, offers year-round outdoor activities and breathtaking views. The park is tucked away on Lake Huron’s shores. It has a variety of hiking, biking, and skiing routes, as well as water channels, sand dunes, sandy beaches, and a stunning canopy of oak savanna forest.

In addition to having a wide shoreline, sand dunes, a water channel, and the largest tract of rare Oak Savanna in all of Ontario, Pinery Provincial Park is over 2,500 hectares in size and is home to a flourishing and diverse ecology. You can expect fantastic wildlife viewing chances with the approximately 800 plant species, 300 bird species, 32 mammal species, and 29 species of reptiles and amphibians present.

The park is close to Grand Bend, a journey of one and a half hours from Kitchener and less than one hour from London. Parking space is in abundance. Even if you only have time for a day vacation, stay to see the sunset over Lake Huron. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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Dark Horse Estate Winery


You will undoubtedly be amazed because of Dark Horse Estate Winery’s architecture and vines. You can sample wines in the sophisticated tasting area or on the expansive patio with views of the vineyards. I really liked their Late Harvest Vidal because I tend to prefer sweeter white wines, but I also suggest that you try sparkling wine at Dark Horse Winery.

Watch Grand Bend Sunsets


The Blue Coast in Ontario and Grand Bend are home to some of the most breathtaking sunsets ever. The sunset rivals any tropical one I’ve seen, and the sun’s beach is precisely pointed westward. Unfortunately, we were unable to witness the famous sunset during our overnight stay in Grand Bend due to rain. But that evening’s skies were pretty stunning.

One of the best things to do in Grand Bend, Ontario is to watch the sunset; the sunsets alone are worth the overnight journey.

Hike In Nature Trails


Discover the park’s 10 natural trails. From walking along the Old Ausable Channel to the sand dune crest, each trail offers a distinctive highlight. The longest trail, Wilderness Trail, is 3 km long and takes tourists through an old pine forest before ending at Lake Huron’s beach. Many people like Riverside Loop Trail (1 km) and Nippissing Trail (2 km). Remember that the Heritage Trail, Riverside Trail, and Cedar Trail are three of the park’s wheelchair-accessible pathways.

Cycle Savanna Bike Trail


14 km Savanna Bike Trail is a beautiful route for cyclists to take. Many of the park’s woodland areas are traversed by the path as it follows the Old Ausable Channel. Visit the rental shop and hire some wheels for the day if you are unable to bring your own bicycle.

Kayak, Canoe, Or Paddleboard

The Old Ausable Channel, a detour from the main river built in the late 1800s, runs the whole length of Pinery Provincial Park. Visitors have the opportunity to kayak, canoe, or paddle board along 14 km of delightful tranquillity on this slow-moving canal. Seven distinct species of turtles call the park home, so you might see them there. Alternately, spend the day channel fishing (license required). Nearly 50 different species of freshwater fish can be found in the river.

Ski Trails In Winter


Pinery Provincial Park, however, is not merely a summertime vacation spot. With 40 kilometers of ski trails to explore, ranging from easy to tough, it transforms into a winter paradise. Cross-country skis can be rented if you don’t already have any. Two walking routes that are ideal for snowshoeing are available in the winter, in addition to ski trails.

Camping Grand Bend


Additionally, the camping grounds are open year-round in Grand Bend. Spend the night there to fully enjoy this beautiful location. There are around 1,000 campsites accessible across three camping grounds at Pinery Provincial Park, Grand Bend.

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