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10 Things About Lake Louise That You Probably Didn’t Know

The experiences that actually leave you speechless with amazement are the ones that motivate travel. The sight of Lake Louise will halt you in your tracks, regardless of how many photographs you’ve seen of that dazzling turquoise lake cupped in its basin of soaring heights. And some guides about the weather in Lake Louise, especially in winter, with a map.

However, it’s more than simply a gorgeous face. This tiny settlement in the Canadian Rockies is a wild wonderland, a national treasure, and a community. Here are a few things about Lake Louise that you might not know, which might make you like her even more.

Here is the map of Lake Louise

You might confuse Lake Louise with Moraine Lake.


When you search for images of Lake Louise, you’ll get stunning pictures of a blue-green wonder, but you’ll need to look closely to make sure you appreciate Lake Louise and not Moraine Lake.

Moraine is only a 25-minute drive from Lake Louise and is just as blue, if not more beautiful. It is distinguished by a wall of menacing mountains tower at the other end of the lake from the vacation area. The Valley of the Ten Peaks, a scene from a children’s book, appeared on the Canadian $20 bill in 1969 and 1979, earning it the moniker “The 20-dollar view.”. This is one of the most interesting facts about Lake Louise.

It’s the highest community in Canada.

The settlement built around the Chateau Lake Louise is located at 1731 meters, making Lake Louise Village the highest town in Canada at 1540 meters. Take in the wonderful fresh air and don’t be startled if you start to feel out of breath more quickly than normal.

There are wildlife passageways for the local furry inhabitants.


Elk, cougars, bears, and moose are a few of the animals that live in the Lake Louise area. On the 60-km stretch of highway between Banff town and Lake Louise, wildlife sightings are frequent, but there is also a risk of road mortality.

In addition to miles of fencing, Parks Canada constructed many animal passageways above and below the highway to provide safe transit for roving animals. Although it took some time for the local fauna to acclimate to the forested bridges and tunnels, collisions have dropped by 80% over the past ten years. This is one of the most famous facts about Lake Louise.

There is no lake in Lake Louise’s town.

The fantasy Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise frequently appears in photos of Lake Louise. However, this is not where all the activity takes place. The genuine town center is located less than five kilometers down the hill, between a small village strip mall and a group of hotels. There aren’t many bars in town, so you’re sure to run into some locals whether you grab a wrap at Trailhead or go over to the B&G for a drink.

From the settlement to the lake, there is a lovely walk that meanders through picturesque forests, but in the summer, hikers must be cautious of bears.

It has one of the greatest grizzly bear-to-human ratios.


Due to their reclusive nature and preference for high altitudes, grizzly bears rarely coexist in close quarters with people. Visitors to the alpine town of Lake Louise have a chance to observe grizzlies in the wild, which is quite uncommon.

The ski resort gondola is affectionately referred to as the Grizzly Gondola in the summer. 29 out of the 31 days in July 2017 saw bear sightings, with 24 of those sightings being of the powerful grizzly. You might even witness a black bear wandering the streets or being chased out of the staff housing area if you stay in the town long enough.

Lake Louise’s weather is extremely cold all year round.

Facts about the weather in Lake Louise: Think twice before planning a summertime plunge in Lake Louise. The water is always either frozen or freezing because of glacier melt. In actuality, the majority of the lakes in the area are glacier-fed, and the rivers are just as icy.

Only five minutes up the 93, Herbert Lake is a popular summertime swimming spot for locals. A rumor states that the old diving board on one side previously belonged to the Chateau’s swimming pool.

One of Canada’s favorite ski areas is Lake Louise.


There aren’t many ski areas that can match Lake Louise’s views, but its varied terrain and difficult verticals make it a perennial favorite.

In 2016, Lake Louise narrowly fell short of Revelstoke in the World Ski Awards vote for Canada’s Best Ski Resort. In this year’s awards, which are up for public vote, both ski regions are nominated. Who do you think we’ll be voting for?

The glacier wash is what gives Lake Louise its color.

Locals may tell you of an urban tale involving a server at the Chateau while discussing the incredible color of Lake Louise. He answered one too many inquiries regarding the lake’s color before informing his unknowing clients that the lake was emptied and painted every spring and inviting them to come back the next week to see the spectacle. According to legend, the clients returned as directed, and the waiter was dismissed right away.

Actually, the rock flour that is carried in the glacier melt that seeps down to the lake is what gives the water its color. Blue and green light wavelengths are refracted when sunlight bounces off these particles.

Busier than winter is the summer


In Australia, we associate Banff and Lake Louise with the winter season because of their breathtakingly beautiful snow-capped peaks and legendary ski resorts. Locals are divided.

Tourists looking for wildlife encounters, enchanted landscapes, and once-in-a-lifetime alpine experiences flock to Lake Louise in the summer. Kayaking, rock climbing, and world-class hiking are among activities that draw adventurous people to the Lake.

If you go during the busiest time of the year, you can expect to wait in line at the ski lifts, but if you go during the busiest time of the year in the summer, you’ll have to wait in line for everything unless you’re on a luxury tour.

There are other upscale hotels in the area beside The Chateau.

Do you know this interesting fact about Lake Louise? How do you rank a hotel that is too upscale to be given a star rating? The Post Hotel enjoys a status unmatched in the area as a fellow of the Relais & Chateaux organization.

On the banks of the Pipestone River, this opulent hotel is just a few steps from the village center. The Post Hotel has an ice skating rink in the winter and an international wine-tasting event in the summer, along with a five-star restaurant and one of the largest wine cellars in the nation.

There are some interesting facts about Lake Louise you may not know!

What Is Time Of Year Best To Visit Lake Louise?


With the exception of the shoulder months of October and May, Lake Louise can be visited all throughout the year, though not always. It’s never a terrible idea to travel there because it’s such a beautiful area of the world. In the winter, you may go sleighing, ice skating, ice climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing. The weather of Lake Louise is awesome and can be suitable for everyone.

While the summer offers an abundance of activities and breathtaking scenery. Since the lake is fueled by glacial melt, temperatures affect both its water level and color.

The finest months to visit Lake Louise are July and August because of the promise of warmer weather and the good opportunity to see the most beautiful blue lake. However, the color does not fade and you can see the water thawing until the lake freezes in late October or early November. The lake freezes sufficiently to allow ice skating every few years before experiencing severe snowfall.

Best Things to Do at Lake Louise in Winter

  • Ice Skating on Lake Louise in winter is an awesome thing to do
  • Snowshoeing in Lake Louise
  • Afternoon Tea at Chateau Lake Louise
  • Dog sledding
  • Ice climbing at Ice Walk at the Johnston Canyon
  • Sleigh riding at Lake Louise
  • Upper Canyon Hot Springs
  • Visit Emerald lake or Peyto lake
  • Go on a sightseeing gondola ride
  • Spend the afternoon shopping on Canmore or Banff main street
  • Enjoy mulled wine or hot chocolate at the Banff Ice Bar

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