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8 Best Beaches In Canada That Will Release All Your Stresses

Perhaps the word “beach” doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think about Canada. But Canadian beaches have some of the most stunning, interesting, and just cool from coast to coast. Even if they don’t have palm trees, they more than make up for them with other features like unexpectedly warm waters, sand dunes, cold-water surfing, and more. Here are the best beaches in Canada that evidence Canada beaches might be your next beach getaway.

Best Time To Go To The Beach In Canada

From coast to coast, Canada is home to spectacular beaches, some of which may be visited even in the dead of winter. Find crowded beach cities, tranquil inland lakes with warm water, ocean beaches with big waves, stretches of sand along the Great Lakes’ borders, and stunning flat expanses of the East Coast.

Local Canadian beaches in provinces like Ontario and Manitoba are frequently crowded with beachgoers seeking to escape the sweltering summers in central Canada. Summer vacationers in British Columbia love to visit the soft-sand beaches that line the interior lakes, and year-round beach activities are available on the Pacific Coast. Throughout the summer, beach holidaymakers from around Canada flock to the Atlantic Provinces.

Top 8 Best Beaches In Canada And Things To Do

Long Beach at Tofino, BC: One of the best Canadian beaches


Beautiful expanses of the beach may be found in the resort community of Tofino on Vancouver Island. Long Beach at Pacific Rim National Park is one of the most well-known and stunning Canadian beaches. This long, wide beach, which has an apt name, stretches 16 kilometers and takes the brunt of the Pacific Ocean’s relentless attack on the land.

Only warming from 8 degrees Celsius in the dead of winter to 12 degrees Celsius in the height of summer, the water here is chilly. A cast of characters still dons their full-body wetsuits that measure half an inch thick and surfboards to brave the never-ending waves.

In Tofino, surfing is very popular and a wonderful place to learn. Numerous beaches are perfect for novices because of their size and layout. Trying this sport is simpler than it might seem because of the shallow waters and sand bottoms.

Most tourists enjoy taking a stroll around Long Beach, particularly on sunny days. Sand is firm and convenient for walking on. Even strollers and dogs can be pushed out here. You might also put on your rubber boots and head to the beach at low tide to look for some of the elusive sand dollars. Warm up at one of the area’s opulent resorts or inns at night over a campfire on the beach or a cozy fireplace.

Manitoba’s Grand Beach Provincial Park


Grand Beach consistently ranks as one of Canada’s best beaches thanks to its enormous sand dunes, mild shallow water, and fun environment. This beach is a great day trip destination and is only about an hour from Winnipeg; as a result, it draws hordes of tourists every warm summer weekend.

The beach, situated on Lake Winnipeg, one of the nicest lakes in the province, gently arcs for three kilometers. Concession stalls serving hot snacks, cold beverages, and popcorn may be found along the wooden boardwalk that runs around the back of the beach. Building sandcastles is easy on the beach’s fine, golden-brown sand.

For a long distance, the water is shallow, with naturally occurring sandbars producing particularly shallow areas ideal for touch football or Frisbee matches. Each summer, the murky water heats up quickly, making it simple to enter and remain submerged for extended periods of time.

Grand Beach is a part of Grand Beach Provincial Park, which is regarded as one of Manitoba’s top campgrounds and contains a sizable campground. If you want to reserve a site for a July weekend, you can and should do so online in advance.

Kitsilano Beach, British Columbia


Kitsilano, one of Vancouver’s most well-known Canadian beaches, provides everything you need for the ideal afternoon. Take a log, sit down, and enjoy the sunshine while you take in the North Shore Mountains. The beach, locally referred to as Kit’s Beach is a broad arc of sand that faces English Bay. Behind the beach, a seawall goes all the way to Stanley Park.

Although the water is frigid, the shallows experience small warming. A swimming platform is tethered offshore for the most daring. Don’t you like the cold of the sea? The Kitsilano Pool, a sizable, heated saltwater pool with 137 meters of coastline, offers a more upscale alternative. The youngsters will spend hours having fun on the slides and in the water park.

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A large, open park area is close to the sand and ideal for a family picnic. Or, if you’d rather let someone else do the cooking, delicious food is available at the renowned Boathouse Restaurant and concession booths. In addition, the park features tennis and basketball courts, a playground with various climbing apparatuses, and an off-leash dog park.

Wasaga Beach: one of the great beaches in Ontario, Canada


Wasaga Beach, one of Ontario’s great beach communities, attracts nearly two million surfers and sunbathers from all over the country. You can come here to see and be seen. A regular stream of sun-kissed people enjoys themselves while taking pictures and strolling along the water’s edge. Numerous families with their kids have returned from this show and are currently splashing in the warm, shallow waters.

You can pick to be in a popular part of Wasaga Beach or the very empty area of the beach because it is thought to be the longest freshwater beach in the world. Wasaga Beach is located on Georgian Bay. You have the choice. For ease of navigation, the beach is broken up into pieces. There are volleyball courts and a boardwalk in Sections 1 and 2, which are located in the town.

The calmer sections 3 through 6 are ideal for finding your own private patch of sand to curl up with the most recent book you’ve been saving. Set up in section 3 if your dog is traveling with you. Dogs are welcome to swim and relax on the beach with you in this area, where they can also pick up sand in their fur.

Sauble Beach: One of Ontario’s oldest beach communities


One of Ontario’s oldest beach communities is Sauble Beach, situated on Lake Huron’s shores. Large groups of people and cars used to drive on the sand in the 1960s and 1970s and have a great time.

The beach and sunsets remain excellent, even if the atmosphere has become a little more subdued. We’re just waiting for your blanket and umbrella on more than 10 kilometers of beach, some of which you can still drive on. Gather your supplies, travel to the ideal location, and erect your camp for the day. There is no easier way.

Each summer, after a calm winter, Sauble Beach comes to life. Burger places, ice cream parlors, and surf stores all vie for your sand dollar. Jet Skis, pleasure boats, paddleboarders, and swimmers are constantly on display in the lake. You might also witness kiteboarders skimming the waves if the west winds are firing up, which they frequently do.

PEI’s Brackley Beach


One of Prince Edward Island’s top beaches is Brackley Beach, located just outside Charlottetown. Towering sand dunes border the miles-long, golden sands. Families with little children will find this beach the perfect destination because the surf is typically calm.

Long shallow approaches to the swimming areas make them ideal for wading, playing water football, or throwing a frisbee. Even if the water warms up in the summer, many would still describe the temperature as “refreshing.”

In Prince Edward Island National Park, there is a beach. One of the best recreational options in the park is the Gulf Shore Way. This paved path meanders across the sand dunes and along the seashore. Because of the flat, hard sand, running and walking along the beach are very common.

British Columbia’s Okanagan and Skaha beaches


Okanagan Beach has attracted families for many decades and has long been known as the area’s most well-liked beach. At the southern end of Lake Okanagan in Penticton, the beach stretches out in a long, wide loop.

Small children will love splashing around in the lake’s warm summer water, which warms up beautifully thanks to the smooth sand and shallow entry. A little distance from the beach is where you can find the enormous floating Wibit Water Park. The Loco Landing Adventure park, which offers go-karts, rope courses, rock climbing, and other enjoyable activities, is only a short stroll from the beach.

There are several different hotels and motels right across the street and just beyond the beach. Rolling out of bed in the morning and taking a stroll along the beach are simple tasks because of their convenient position. Along with nearby eateries, downtown Penticton offers a variety of fantastic businesses for shopping, many of which have patios.


Penticton enjoys the benefit of having two more wonderful beaches on either side of it. Skaha Beach, which is a long, curving stretch of beach surrounded by parkland and tall trees, is situated on the northern edge of the city. It’s the ideal location for cooling off on a scorching Okanagan summer day.

The shallow water near the coast reaches bathtub warm as Skaha Lake’s crystal clear waters lap against the soft golden sand. Waterslides at the water’s edge keep kids entertained for hours while lifeguards keep an eye on bathers. Two swimming platforms offshore are great locations for anybody wishing to get some exercise. Beach volleyball courts are constantly in use, and new players of any skill level are warmly welcomed.

A 21-acre park is located behind the beach and has fire pits, picnic tables, open green spaces, a children’s playground, tennis courts, and basketball courts. At the back of the beach, along the Skaha Lake Walkway, are concession stands that serve food and beverages.

Three parking lots are available: one at the east end of the beach, one on the west side, and one next to the athletic fields. However, parking might be challenging on busy days. Skaha Beach offers free parking.

Toronto Woodbine Beach: one of the top beaches in Ontario, Canada


Only a few minutes away from the sights of downtown Toronto is one of Ontario’s top beaches. For the hordes of youthful condo inhabitants, Woodbine Beach is a summertime haven. People congregate at this three-kilometer stretch of sand to celebrate everything great about scorching summer days in the city.

When the sun is shining, and the temperature is high, throngs of people go to this beach. Young and elderly alike enjoy strolling the promenade and taking in the scene. Beach volleyball is popular in Woodbine, and every weekend, the courts are crowded with teams playing for fun rather than competition.

The exciting and trendy Beaches district is just a short stroll away from the beach if you become hungry or thirsty from all your beach activities. You can discover hip eateries with outside patios that are great spots for people-watching.

Going to the best beach in Canada entails more than just getting ice cream, relaxing in the sun, and taking a chilly dip in the water. If you’re fortunate, Canadian beaches might also involve seeing a bear, taking a windy stroll through some driftwood, and having the opportunity to throw a snowball rather than a stone into the waves.

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