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Greatest Free Things To Do On Vancouver Island

If you’ve read our blog for a while, you might notice the post about free things to take in Canada. And here we are other, but more excellent, free offerings from this country! Here is the list of the greatest free things to do on Vancouver Island, Canada!

Explore ancient forests.


Old, tall trees are the norm within Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforest. We’re talking 70-metre-high, 9-metre-wide structures that are almost 800 years old.

Goldstream Provincial Park, just north of Victoria, and MacMillan (Cathedral Grove) Provincial Park, near Port Alberni, are the most accessible sites to see them.

Away from the primary tourist circuit, Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park offers a quiet experience among some of Canada’s most giant trees.

Beaches on Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island boasts every type of beach you might imagine: rocky, sandy, or covered in small stones. Families will enjoy rockpool-filled Botanical Beach (Juan de Fuca area) and sandy Qualicum Beach (East coast). In contrast, Goose Spit (near the Comox Valley) and Miracle Beach (East coast) offer beautiful ocean/mountain views.

Join the surfers at one of the many windswept beaches on the Island’s West Coast, near Tofino. If you want to go somewhere quieter, drive northwest to the uninhabited sandy beaches of Raft Cove and Cape Scott Provincial Parks.

Visit the waterfalls of Vancouver Island.


The island is relatively mountainous, which means there are many waterfalls. The 25m high thundering Elk Falls (above, near Campbell River), the more petite but equally stunning Little Qualicum Falls lying in a gorge (near Port Alberni), and both Stotan and Nymph Falls on the Puntledge River near Courtenay are among my favorites.

The latter creates pools that quickly heat up in the summer, making them ideal for swimming or bathing. Hundreds of salmon fight upstream in the autumn; Stotan and Nymph Falls each have steps blasted into the rock to make this simpler for the fish.

Explore Military Museums


Vancouver Island is home to some renowned military museums, such as

The Comox Airforce Museum displays collections on Military Aviation between the two WW, the Cold War, the Squadron section, and the United Nations Peacekeeping.

Meanwhile, the CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum concentrates on the Merchant Navy and Royal Canadian Navy’s role in defeating the Battle of the Atlantic, as well as the history of Canadian service in subs for a century

The Vancouver Island Military Museum harbors 25 exhibitions, mainly focusing on 1812 right through to Canada’s participation in Afghanistan.

Biking – Free Things To Do On Vancouver Island

Biking is one of the most favored activities of Vancouver Island citizens. As a result, there are numerous bike-friendly routes here. And since it’s free, wouldn’t be nice to grab a bike while enjoying the fresh air?

Whale Interpretive Centre


The purpose of the Whale Interpretive Centre is to help the public become more aware of marine mammals and their function within the ecosystem. When coming here, you’ll have a chance to see plenty of sea life artifacts. Some of the most favored are

  • Pacific white-sided dolphin
  • Sea otter
  • River otter
  • Sperm whale
  • Skeletons and teeth of a killer whale
  • Ear ossicles
  • Whale lice
  • Blue whale jaw

Its location is in Telegraph Cove, on the North of Vancouver Island. Though it’s free, we recommend donating to help the center develop.

St. Ann’s Academy – Free Things To Do On Vancouver Island

The 1858 St Ann’s Academy was the first Roman Catholic Cathedral in Victoria. However, in 1886, the government transformed it into a school.

These days, you can visit this national historic site by taking a tour by donation.

Kinsol Trestle


Kinsol Trestle is a 187-meter-long free-standing above the Koksilah River. It’s also the tallest and the most breathtaking timber railing trestle structure worldwide. Its location is in the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

Elk Falls Suspension Bridge – Free Things To Do On Vancouver Island

When it comes to free things to do on Vancouver Island, Elk Falls Suspension Bridge would never be off the list. The area features huge forest tracks; meanwhile, the bridge itself is a quick hike to get to. You’ll get a breathtaking sight of a thundering waterfall and a canyon when reaching the destination.

Chemainus Murals


Check out 44 outstanding murals that pay tribute the region’s forestry, fishing, and mining heritage at the seaside Chemainus. Grab a map at the Souvenir Mural Map (free) and then have a self-guided tour.

Duncan Totem Poles – Free Things To Do On Vancouver Island

Duncan, also called The City of Totems, is home to many totem poles. Each carefully sculpted pole contributes to the history and culture of the City’s First Nations. Go after the yellow footprints on the walkway for a self-guided tour.

Goats On The Roof


Goats on the Roof is an iconic event held in the Old Country Market in Coombs. This is where goats, well, basically live up above and keep their eyes on thousands of people. You can see this funny scene when visiting this site between March and December.

Butchart Gardens – Free Things To Do On Vancouver Island

Indeed close to Victoria is Butchart Gardens. This green 55-acre garden features nearly a thousand plant species. No wonder this garden has existed for over 100 years with the care of 50 gardeners.

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