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6 Settings Of “The Fault In Our Stars” Movie In Amsterdam

For those who are huge fans of this masterpiece, we have listed 6 settings of “The Fault In Our Stars” movie in Amsterdam for you. With this list, you can easily reach the film’s real-life destination without wasting time.

Amsterdam In General – Settings Movie In Amsterdam


Amsterdam has been the ideal background for shoots in numerous movies over the ages. It’s all because of the stunning views such as bridges, gabled canal houses, waterways, etc. The scenery here conveys special strings of emotions on the wide screen that you cannot find anywhere else.

About The Book And Movie

About-The Book-And-Movie
About-The Book-And-Movie

The film is based on a best-seller novel by John Green. This is a romantic and heart-touching film about two youngsters who fall in love with each other. Their love story is full of meaningful moments since they are both sick. 

So, let’s follow Hazel and Augustus’s steps in your Amsterdam journey.

The Famous Fault in Our Stars Bench – Settings Movie In Amsterdam


The iconic bench embrace of the love chick is the place people search for most. In the movie, this is where Augustus tells Hazel about his big news.

However, after being re-installed, the bench suddenly disappeared. Its location is close to the junction of two lovely Amsterdam trenches. 

Though the bench looks just like other green canal-side ones, the film lovers know how amazing the feeling is when visiting here.

Peter van Houten’s House


In the flick, Peter van Houten is Hazel’s best-loved author. This is the reason why the couple comes to Amsterdam in the beginning. 

The imagined writer’s home in the film is a standard brick house on a tranquil street around the elegant Vondelpark. In reality, you can find the address at Vondelstraat 162. Wandering around this spot of Amsterdam will never disappoint you.

Amsterdam Tram #4 – Settings Movie In Amsterdam


In a scene of the movie, two main characters share a ride on the capital tram. You can obviously recreate their trip by boarding at the green Frederiksplein. 

For example, taking tram number 4 is two stops to the Keizersgracht stop for a picturesque walk on one of the most stunning parts of Amsterdam’s Canal Belt.

Hotel De Filosoof


This is a duplex Fault in Our Stars filming area since the Hotel De Filosoof truly exists in Amsterdam. 

However, it is not the real location itself in the flick. The inspiration for the imaginary Hotel De Filosoof in the movie is the American Hotel.

This beautiful and classy art decoration hotel sits in the hub of the busy Leidseplein. You can find it at Leidsekade 97. 

But the authentic Hotel De Filosoof is worth a visit as well. Its place is convenient for you to search for. It is on the right near the corner from Peter van Houten’s imaginary house and is recognizable by its shining green signal.

The Anne Frank House – Settings Movie In Amsterdam


The Anne Frank House, which real address is at Prinsengracht 263-267, is one of the best famous places for visitors in Amsterdam. Hazel and Augustus spend their time together after their fateful encounter with Peter van Houten. 

Fans of the film will recognize these sets for Hazel find it hard to climb the abrupt steps inside. And it is the place where the two end up kissing each other. This is their first kiss, for your information.

The Rijksmuseum


The large entry to the globe-renowned Rijksmuseum, which is also known as Museumstraat 1, is actually a tunnel. This unique path allows both pedestrians and bikers to go through the luxurious building. 

The irregular Amsterdam nature of the underpass is truly worth seeing in itself.  In the movie, Augustus and Hazel step through the tunnel and watch joyful street performers playing great music.

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