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6 Canadian Blue Gems That Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Stepped Onto A Greek Island

You don’t even have to leave the country to visit the Mediterranean! Many lovely places in Canada look like they belong somewhere else, including areas with turquoise oceans and white beaches that are synonymous with nations such as Greece.

You might be surprised to learn that locations with spectacular geological features and beaches with warm, salty water can be located just here in your backyard.

From isolated coves to sea caves with clear blue water, these are 6 Canadian Blue Gems that will make you feel as if you’ve stepped directly onto a Greek island.

The Grotto – Indian Head Cove


The Grotto and Indian Head coves are a cave and picturesque inlet with crystal-clear water located in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

The steep cliffs and concealed swimming holes are evocative of Greek sea caves, and the magnificent blue water will have you convinced you’ve left Canada for the Mediterranean.

Thunder Cove Beach – Canadian Blue Gems


Thunder Cove Beach in Prince Edward Island looks a lot like Santorini’s Red Beach, with its red rocks and enormous red sandstone cliffs.

Explore sea caverns and Teacup Rock, a unique sandstone rock sculpted by water and wind, at this hidden jewel.

Scarborough Bluffs


This park in Toronto’s Scarborough district features a white sand beach nestled between towering cliffs.

This natural beauty, formed by the natural erosion of water and wind, is where you’ll discover beautiful blue water and breathtaking landscapes, and it’s a surprising gem to find in the city.

Tribune Bay Provincial Park


The beaches of Tribune Bay Provincial Park boast smooth white sand and pure, bright blue sea, giving you the impression that you’ve left Canada for somewhere warmer.

The bay is quite shallow and one of the warmest saltwater swimming areas in British Columbia, which adds to the feeling that you’ve stepped onto an island in another nation when you visit!

Gaff Point – Canadian Blue Gems


The Gaff Point walk in the Lunenburg Region leads to a hidden beach buried between cliffs that mimic the quiet coves of Greece’s Ionian Islands.

The strenuous hike begins on the rocky Hirtle’s Beach and takes you via marshes and through the forest region where you can witness tidal pools and loads of wildlife.

Carters Beaches – Canadian Blue Gems


This beach in the picturesque village of Port Mouton is a lovely mix of white sand and pure blue water that feels out of place in Canada.

The beach is three crescent beaches with the same lovely white sand. Look for sand dollars, which are frequently seen on the beach!

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