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5 Great Myths Surrounding Uluru, Australia

Uluru is also known as Ayers Rock. This cliff is one of the greatest mysteries in Australia. Here are the 5 great myths surrounding Uluru, Australia.

The Mountain Is A Mythical Creature – Myths Surrounding Uluru


Tribes here believe that Uluru is an embodiment of a fantastical creature. And this creature raises every year to inspect whether its desert is well guarded. The shaman of the tribes anticipates the day it will appear. Then, he has to schedule a feast for villagers to celebrate. Many bring offerings to show their respect. Some come to ask its mercy.

Spirits Of The Ancestors Always Live Within The Nature


According to Uluru folklore, gods made the environment around them. Shortly after, these gods turned themselves into the very things that they made. As a result, the landscapes here become vessels for godly power.

That’s also the reason why the Uluru residents believe that the spirits of their ancestors live with them forever. Soon after they die, their spirits become one with the landscapes. So, they’re still there outside and protect their offspring.

Being On A Primary Planetary GridPoint – Myths Surrounding Uluru


Some say that this place has a mysterious power over it. And the whole world merely agrees!

They suppose that the mountain is situated on a primary planetary gridpoint. However, it’s hard to explain in a few words. To make it easier for you to imagine, just think of Uluru like other mysterious places on this planet, such as Bermuda Triangle or the Great Pyramid.

Going Up The Mountain Could Be A One-Way Trip


For the Anangu people, climbing Mount Uluru is blasphemous. The gods will punish those who dare to do this sacrilege. 

Yet, visitors never seem to care. Though nothing can be clearly confirmed, many mountaineers have suffered from heart failure as soon as they reach the cliff. There are also other unexplained events happened until now.

Colour Changing Rock – Myths Surrounding Uluru


This is one of those rare things happening in Uluru that science can explain. 

Uluru’s rock changes its colors because of the light that pours down on its surface at a specific time and period. Dawn often brings a bright pink, meanwhile, noon brings out orange. During occasional rainfall, this spot may even turn a silver-grey shade of color.

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