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3-Day Trip To Amsterdam For First-Time Visitors

If you want to enjoy your short break to recharge your battery, you should try the 3-day trip to Amsterdam for first-time visitors. It’s quite a journey that heals your soul, we ensure. Now, let’s get started.

Visit The Gingerbread Houses


Go down from the Central Station and you will see the favored gingerbread fronts on the Damrak. This is a beginning point for numerous ship tours. Take a photograph from one of the ports showing scenery on the row of cottages.

If you want to see more instances of design, dig away to the Nieuwebrugsteeg road that turns into the Sint Olofssteeg. From there, a lovely view opens on the commonly Dutch lines of houses.

Discover The Dam Square – Trip To Amsterdam


The central Dam Square is the original home to many famous architectures. For example, the Royal Palace, the National Monument, and the Nieuwe Kerk or so-called the New Church. The hub of the metropolis links the Nieuwendijk and the Kalverstraat. These are the leading shopping roads that are full of all the principal shops.

You will also see Madame Tussauds and De Bijenkorf as well. This is a massive luxury shopping mall, but be careful, this is also a tourist trap for newcomers like you. So, leave them for later, go on and dig the Square!

Appreciate The Aerial View


The Old Church’s location is next to the Red Light District. It offers a generous view of the Old City Center. 

The design of the building follows the Gothic style. This is the most ancient building in Amsterdam yet presents modern art displays on the walls.

The entrance to the top of this tower is free when you have the Amsterdam City Card. Or else, you have to charge a €12 fee. Don’t let the chance slide and enjoy the great view from this tower.

Encounter The Hidden Begijnhof Garden – Trip To Amsterdam


The Begijnhof is a secret garden made in the middle period as an option for a convent. Its location is quite convenient, which is close to Spui Square. It’s easy to find the Square because it’s a busy area with stores and restaurants.

The places covering the garden were personal property. The purpose was for women who devoted themselves to their faith while still keeping liberation of choice. When coming, you have to keep quiet so as not to bother the locals who live there.

Walk The Flower Market And The Munt Tower


The Flower Market is one of the best famous places in Amsterdam. You will see a display of flowers such as tulip bulbs, and trinkets. Though it stays to be a go-to ideal destination for visitors, it’s better to spend less time of your trip on it and go to other interests.

The Flower Market begins at the border of the Munt Tower which is more worth your time. “Munttoren” means “Coin Tower” since the place to make coins. Sadly to say, a fire destroyed it once, but the Tower acquired a makeover and restarts to shine.

Have A Brunch With A Scenic View – Trip To Amsterdam


Once you have a chance to go to Amsterdam, you should try the place names Blue Amsterdam. This is a cafe in the city. Unlike other cafes, it’s kind of hidden from the eye in the city center. You have to go through the Kalvertoren shopping center to reach it.

The menu is diverse. For example, they have salads, sandwiches, burgers, a breakfast, and dessert. And since the place is a little hard to find, you can enjoy a regional experience, meanwhile eating with a sight of the entire center. 

Go Through The Rembrandt Square


You will find a sculpture re-imagining of Rembrandt’s renowned masterpiece “The Night Watch” here. All you need to do is go down the Reguliersbreestraat. On your way, notice and you will see the Tuschinski Theatre, a truly gorgeous cinema construction.

You can take an image and have a nice experience with the favored artwork re-enacted in statue form. To arouse your curiosity, try other facilities of the square such as stores, cafes, and stalls. 

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