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15 Mistakes Tourists Should Avoid When Visiting Vancouver

In Canada, Vancouver is a very well-liked city, and tourism is one of its main sectors. There are numerous activities available, including kayaking, biking, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. We’re going to share our greatest advice for visiting Vancouver today, which is the “don’ts.”

Don’t Assume Vancouver Has Outdoor Attractions Only


There are several extremely wonderful museums in Vancouver, but the vast bulk of things to do there are outdoor-related. Totem poles and other artifacts from First Nations tribes and other cultures can be found in the magnificent collection at the Museum of Anthropology. We also suggest visiting the Maritime Museum, Vancouver Museum, and Vancouver Art Gallery. Additionally, you can visit Canada Place to witness the Olympic Flame or Gastown to see the steam clock.

See only Stanley Park is a popular mistake of tourists in Vancouver


Undoubtedly, Stanley Park is a lovely site to visit. From the seawall, you can see not only the city but also West and North Vancouver. Beaches and the Vancouver Aquarium are other attractions for families. Queen Elizabeth Park is a superb park that shouldn’t be overlooked, nevertheless. Despite being outside of the city, the park has the greatest views of Vancouver and the nearby mountains because of its high location. Additionally, the Bloedel Conservatory is a paradise in the tropics!

Don’t Miss Vancouver’s Asian Cuisine


The Asian food in Vancouver is fantastic and genuine. Vancouver tourists can get sushi made with black rice as well as Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine. Since the majority of these eateries are local mom-and-pop operations, they are frequently reasonably priced in addition to being authentic and delicious.

There won’t be any snow in Vancouver

Vancouver rarely gets cold enough for snow to fall, hence it doesn’t truly snow there. Winter in Vancouver typically just brings clouds and rain. A short drive will take you to the mountains near Vancouver, where you may enjoy all the snow you want—up to four meters in some areas. But don’t anticipate seeing snow in Vancouver.

Don’t Go Crazy Over Prices

Recall that you are not purchasing an apartment! Although Vancouver has extremely high housing costs, other costs are on par with those in other major U.S. and European cities. Although it is not a cheap travel destination, this shouldn’t deter visitors from visiting Vancouver.

Useless rainy day


Vancouver is known as Raincouver, so you might certainly encounter the cloudier side of the city. Instead of hiding out in your hotel room at that time, head to one of the city’s many fascinating museums, such as Science World or the Museum of Anthropology. As an alternative, there is Metropolis at Metrotown, the biggest shopping center in British Columbia, or FlyOver Canada, a superb virtual simulation experience.

Vancouver tourists Forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.

In Vancouver, it rains on average 170 days a year, so be prepared. Though some months are preferable than others, it is always a good idea to pack a raincoat. The jacket will be useful when the weather cools off, which happens in Vancouver as well.

Avoid wearing shoes inside the home.

Shoes are not worn indoors in Vancouver, whether they are in a rental apartment or the house of a local Vancouver resident. It is customary to take off shoes upon entering someone’s home in pretty much the whole country of Canada.

Limit yourself to the downtown area only.


Many of Vancouver’s nicest neighborhoods and locales are located outside the city center, locals will tell you. If you want to explore another aspect of the city, venture outside of Yaletown and Gastown, which are both worthwhile stops. Independent apparel retailers may be found on Main Street, while some of Vancouver’s best restaurants can be found on Commercial Drive. There is also Kitsilano and its well-known beach park elsewhere.

Take a trip to Gastown without a camera


The oldest and most historic neighborhood in Vancouver is Gastown. When you think of the inner city, you probably picture cobblestone alleys, adorable restaurants and shops, and intriguing architecture that begs to be captured on camera. Due to the fairy lights hanging from the trees and the spherical lamps bordering the streets, Gastown comes alive at night. Fortunately, some of the top dining places in the city are located there.

For those afraid of heights, avoid visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge.


Another entertaining site in Vancouver is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. In the forest, there is a lovely bridge that you can use to cross. But people enjoy making it swing and bounce. As a result, those who are terrified of heights shouldn’t try to cross the bridge.

At the Richmond Night Market, line up.


For Vancouver tourists to Vancouver between May and October, the Richmond Night Market in the Greater Vancouver area is a must-see. There are plenty of alternatives at the market, which has over 500 food options and 100 shop stalls. Depending on when you go, it could be crowded, however if you want to avoid the lines, you can get a zoom pass. Because it contains seven passes, which may be unnecessary for lone travelers or small groups, many individuals decide against the notion. Asking around when you enter will help you identify another group that will gladly skip the line with you because other people will undoubtedly be in the same situation as you.

Being cautious at Wreck Beach

Due to its prime westerly location, Wreck Beach is an excellent place to watch a sunset over the lake. Before rushing to the renowned sandy stretch, keep in mind that it is also the largest naturist beach in North America and very well-liked by both locals and tourists. However, wearing clothing is not required, so you are free to cover up while still taking in the scenery at Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Get a Compass Pass for Public Transportation Right Away

Vancouver’s public transportation pass is called the Compass Pass. It is used to board and exit buses, the SkyTrain, and ferries after passengers add money to it.

Consider taking a taxi everywhere.

There are some locations where it is preferable to take a taxi, such the University of British Columbia Museum. It’s not always necessary, though. Using public transportation and walking are both very simple ways to get about Vancouver. (Be sure to wear supportive footwear!)

Keep to the standard tourist destinations.

In Vancouver, there are numerous “usual” tourist attractions including museums, art galleries, parks, and markets; nevertheless, why not venture outside the standard to see the city’s distinctive side. Visits to the Jimi Hendrix Shrine, living in the past at Burnaby Village Museum, watching movies in the old city morgue, and spending the night at the Vancouver Aquarium and Greater Vancouver Zoo are just a few unusual experiences.

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