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10 Things About Dutch Life That Will Make Any Foreigners Head Spin

The Netherlands is a tiny nation in Europe that is most frequently associated with tulips, charming architecture, and the upbeat nature of its people. However, even this location is rife with secrets, demonstrating that the enigmatic Dutch soul is a genuine European secret. We learned about Dutch Life, the wealthiest and friendliest nation in the world, including why they require bottle scrapers and why the Dutch used to enjoy sleeping in closets.


These carts are typically connected with elderly women who go shopping early in the morning in another area of the city. However, they are often utilized by both young men and women as well as the elderly in the Netherlands. These containers, known as boodschappentrolleys here, are available for use at any time.

Houses at the borderline


The Netherlands is a compact nation with numerous regions. The state boundary cuts directly across residential houses in the little Belgian border town of Baarle-Nassau, cutting them in half. As a result, people who live in “borderline” homes can simultaneously dwell in two states.

Portraits in bathrooms

Although it may sound unusual, people in the Netherlands frequently put pictures of loved ones in the restrooms. Witty Dutch people also hang special calendars in the bathroom that list all forthcoming events so that you won’t forget key occasions in your loved ones’ lives. This is one of the most unique things in Dutch Life.

In the Netherlands, there are no stray dogs


The Netherlands is the first nation in the world without stray dogs, and the neighborhood four-legged pals enjoy equal rights with people. In this kingdom, having a negligent attitude toward animals is harshly penalized, and if you injure them physically, you could even receive a criminal term.

Bottle scrapers

The “bottle scraper,” one of the Dutch’s inventions, is strong evidence of their extreme frugal nature. They are employed to pack all of the leftovers into lengthy bottles. Every eurocent counts, after all.

The comfort of their own houses above social gatherings is preferred by Dutch citizens.

In Dutch Life, Although we frequently picture the Netherlands and Amsterdam as having nonstop celebrations and gatherings that go till the wee hours of the morning, the reality is far different. Around six o’clock is when many supermarkets and cafes in the Netherlands close.

In the past, the Dutch preferred to sleep in closets.

A closet bed that was in use in the Netherlands up to the 19th century can still be seen there. People throughout medieval Europe, including those in the Netherlands, used to sleep in a semi-seated position. It was thought that sleeping in this position would shield the sleeper from both wild and domesticated animals.

Dutch does not like curtains.

The Dutch people made every effort during the Middle Ages to show their neighbors that they were upright people with nothing to conceal. That is how the distinctive Dutch style—characterized by its floor to ceiling windows and complete lack of curtains—was created. For novice visitors, it might be very alluring to peep through those windows and gain a sense of how the Dutch live. However, neighborhood inhabitants view peering into other people’s windows as being rude. However, younger generations are starting to accept curtains (as well as their privacy).

The most popular kind of fast food in Dutch Life is potatoes with onions.


The Netherlands serves regular potatoes in more than a hundred different ways, making them more popular than hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Along with potatoes, herring with onions is a favorite food of the Dutch and is available in both the capital and smaller cities. Herring and onions are, incidentally, marketed here as street food you must try in Dutch Life.

The Netherlands owns a unique Noah’s Ark.


The battle against ongoing flooding and rising sea levels has been central to the history of the Netherlands. And while this is not a concern for Dutch people all the time, one of the wealthy in the area has built a replica of the renowned Noah’s Ark not far from Dordrecht city. merely in case.

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