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10 Scams Tourists Should Avoid In Amsterdam

Though having a high rank among the securest destinations on the globe, Amsterdam still has scams around the city. Here are 10 scams tourists should avoid in Amsterdam.

Fake Amenities Listings – Tourists Scams In Amsterdam


We all know that Amsterdam is a pricey destination in terms of accommodations. The city is now experiencing a quite severe housing crisis. 

Amsterdam’s a pricey city when it comes to accommodation and it is currently experiencing a quite severe housing crisis. 

Many scammers take advantage of these problems by updating fake facilities listings on Facebook, Marktplaats, or Craigslist. After arranging fake places to stay for people, these scammers request marks to send the money via services such as Western Union. Then, they immediately break off contact at the time they get the money. 

We suggest avoiding finding private apartments when looking for temporary accommodation in Amsterdam. Instead, access reputable websites such as airbnb,, etc. to find places to reside.

Street Bicycles


Buying suspiciously inexpensive bicycles from street “dealers” truly isn’t a risk worth taking in Amsterdam. These bicycles are basically often stolen. It means that purchasing one is illegal according to Dutch law. 

It’s also normal for sellers to flog off inoperable bicycles to visitors. These bikes look good from a distance but will shortly fall apart after the cash has exchanged hands.

Used Public Transport Tickets – Tourists Scams In Amsterdam


There are scammers in Amsterdam that earn money by distributing used public transport tickets to visitors. These shady people say that these worthless items are frankly worth something. And since you are tourists, they only sell them at a discounted expense.

Unprepared Boat Trips


If someone suddenly invites you on a boat trip around the city, it’s assumably a scam. 

Sad to say but people aren’t that sociable anywhere around the globe. These generous boat owners will possibly wait till you are already on their boat and then ask for a random charge for their favors.

Fake Police – Tourists Scams In Amsterdam


Scammers here occasionally pose as police to loot from visitors. These groups of people usually wear fake states and badges that they’re checking for drugs or fake currency. 

And when rummaging through visitors’ bags, they will rob money and other valuables. After that, they pretend everything is legal and disappear. So, keep in mind that true Dutch police seldom do searches like this on public streets.

Unmarked Expenses At Fast Food Cafes


Many fast food cafes in tourist attractions in Amsterdam don’t plainly show their prices. They will wait until buyers have taken their orders and then deliver them with an inappropriately high bill. 

For instance, just a single slice of pizza at these shops costs more than €5. Though this mark-up doesn’t cause severe financial damage, there are many other better choices.

Street Dealers – Tourists Scams In Amsterdam


Street dealers in this city aim at travelers and often hang around famous locations such as the Red Light District.

These scammers earn money by vending low-quality drugs. The drugs include potentially harmful chemicals. There have been cases of drug poisoning in Amsterdam. Almost these cases were associated with street dealers.



These muggers commonly hang around sites that are tourist attractions such as Dam Square, Centraal Station, etc. 

One will distract visitors by asking for directions, meanwhile, others will loot visitors’ belongings as soon as they aren’t paying attention. To prevent yourself from being a target, keep your valuables near and be careful when talking to strangers on the road.

Drug Samples – Tourists Scams In Amsterdam


Dealers on the street will provide visitors around a small sample and let them try a dap of cocaine or MDMA before purchasing. 

It is not a freeby in fact. These dealers will ask for money later and threaten anyone that doesn’t pay up – even if they’ve determined against purchasing the drugs.

Schiphol Airport Taxis


There have been reports of scammers posing as taxi drivers at Schiphol Airport ripping off money from travelers. 

These counterfeit cab services pick up people from the airport to their inns and then request incredibly high costs. The original route normally takes about 30 minutes and guests should only need to pay approximately €40 to €80. 

To avoid scam drivers, ensure to choose Schiphol’s indeed marked, authorized taxi rank, instead of merely jumping in a random cab outside the entrance of the airport.

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