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10 Reasons Why Australia Is Still The Top Country In The World

Australia’s unique natural beauty and diverse animals have fascinated us. Australia is one of the few countries that can satisfy any traveler’s taste, budget, or age. Australia should be on your bucket list of its rich culture to its magnificent beaches.

The Perfect Roadtrip Destination


Australia, the world’s sixth-largest country and a continent, with 2.97 million square miles to explore. There’s plenty of outback and untamed wilderness to camp and enjoy alone, plus numerous cities and small towns to explore.

Teddy’s Lookout, Australia

Here’s where to go off the beaten road. You may spend months around the country or only a few weeks in the east. Tasmania might occupy weeks. But what if you’re short on time? You could spend 3-4 days driving between Melbourne and Sydney’s coasts. My favorite road trip thus far. Lovely!

You can also drive the Great Ocean Road in one or two days. Don’t miss this.

Cities in Australia


Canberra, Australia’s capital, is a great place for architecture and museum aficionados. Melbourne’s European charm, cuisine scene, and coffee culture make it a vibrant alternative to Sydney. Cairns’ location between the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest makes it ideal for adventurers.

Adelaide’s pleasant coastal city vibes are matched by its beautiful beaches and parks, while Darwin offers fantastic local markets. Perth, in the west, offers fantastic food, arts, and beach enjoyment. The beauty of Australia’s cities is their location between mountains, rivers, and wide-open plains, which offers so many things to do, see, and experience.

The Beaches!


Australians love their beaches. Australia’s beaches are world-class. You’ll locate your favorite beach along the 23,000-mile coastline. Australia has 11,011 beaches, including large wave surfer havens and family-friendly coasts.

Shelly Beach in Sydney, Whitehaven Beach in the Great Barrier Reef, Cable Beach in Broome, Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, and Hyams Beach are some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

Aboriginal culture is preserved.


Even though they only make up 3% of the population, Australia retains a strong Aboriginal identity by preserving its over 600 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. Indigenous Australians have lived there for about 50,000 years and were the first settlers.

Australia’s Uluru

Facts about Uluru

Today, you can visit their sacred places, like Uluru. This monolithic sandstone rock (or mountain!) has held Indigenous ceremonies for over 10,000 years. The Anangu believe their ancient beings still live there. Imagine yourself watching the sunset from Uluru – such a magnificent experience!

Aussie Weather

Australia gets year-round sunshine. The south might turn cold in winter (May-June), but the north is always summer. Tourists and locals migrate north during this time of year. Camping, hiking, surfing, and beach sunbathing are available year-round.

Its Nature and Wildlife

Most of Australia is still natural. Australia is a great spot to sunbathe on beautiful beaches, dive the Great Barrier Reef (more on that below), and camp among wildlife.

Australia’s kangaroos


Many people think Australia is all desert, yet it also has beautiful forests and tropical waterfalls where you can unwind. Australia has ski resorts. Yes, there’s snow. The country’s diversity offers year-round outdoor adventures. In the same year, you may ski near Melbourne and sunbathe in Cairns or Darwin.

Australia’s wildlife is incredible. In their natural habitats, you’ll see kangaroos, koalas, wombats, cockatoos, and kookaburras.

It Has the Largest Barrier Reef in the World

Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder. It’s the only living thing visible from space. It’s bigger than the UK, Netherlands, and Switzerland combined. Snorkeling and diving here are unparalleled. You may snorkel or dive the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park from Cairns or on a liveaboard.

Culture and Festivals

Aussies have a relaxed culture. Everyone is a pal and never misses a holiday. Aussies have festivals for everything: food, art, cinema, music, etc. Their main festivals are known for their magnificence, eccentricity, and over-the-top style.

Have you seen Sydney’s New Year’s celebration? Don’t miss it! See fireworks shot from the Sydney Harbour Bridge near to the Sydney Opera House.

Have You Tried the Australian Wine?

Australia has outstanding wine, especially Pinot Noir and Shiraz. Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, and Margaret River are great wine areas in Australia. Take a day trip to any of the wine regions from nearby cities, or do as the locals do and get drunk in the park.

It’s fun. Their accent?

Despite being an English-speaking country, Australia’s English is strange. Their slang-filled language is a tourism draw for outsiders. You should ask for repeats because their pronunciation isn’t always obvious.

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