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10 Questions About Lifestyle In The Netherlands That Will Make It Easier For You

In the Netherlands, the Dutch have a “work hard, play hard” mentality. For them, there is a time and place for everything. When looking at the country as a whole, their culture and way of life can be described as “nette”, which means “tidy”. To make sure you adhere to this “nette” culture, read on to learn about the lifestyle in the Netherlands

Do the Dutch ride their bikes everywhere?


“As cities around the world experience an unprecedented “bike boom,” what key lessons can they learn from the Dutch?” asks the Dutch Cycling Embassy on Twitter.

Yes, the Dutch do a lot of things on their bikes. They talk on their phones, carry umbrellas, transport two children, and yell at you for standing in the bike lane. All of this at the same time! I saw someone transporting a washing machine last week!

Expect to see no fancy, sophisticated bicycles on the roads. The Dutch prefer rusted, vintage bicycles. You could argue that the worse it appears, the more the Dutch want it. Also, before visiting the Netherlands, keep in mind that Dutch people will not wear any kind of helmet.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Works So Well For Bikes

Do you wear wooden shoes? – Lifestyle In The Netherlands


No. Some people still believe that high heels and sports shoes did not make it to the Netherlands. They are incorrect.

Aside from tourist shops, they are only found in the countryside, where some farmers still wear them.

Why Did the Dutch Wear Wooden Shoes?

Is marijuana legal in the Netherlands?

No. Despite the numerous coffee shops in every major city that sell cannabis, drugs are not legal in the Netherlands. It is ‘tolerable.’ This means that authorities will ignore possessing 5g or less of cannabis. They will also be understanding if you are smoking marijuana in public because it is illegal.

Is ‘going Dutch’ a reference to the Dutch? Lifestyle In The Netherlands


Yes! Going Dutch means that you pay for yourself in a group or on a date with two people, rather than paying for anyone else. Even on a romantic evening!

The stereotype of the Dutch being stingy and unwilling to spend too much money is well-known.

You’re curious about clichés and stereotypes. Read my blog about Dutch stereotypes and clichés.

Is everyone in the Netherlands fluent in English?

Visitors to Amsterdam may believe that every Dutch person speaks fluent English. The main language in Amsterdam, especially in the inner city, is English, and people will switch to English as soon as they realize you are not a native Dutch speaker. Or they simply begin by speaking English.

Outside of Amsterdam, we like to think we speak perfect English. However, English is not an official language, and most people learn it through television and music.

The fun of life in the Netherlands when bilingual Dutch and English

Why are Dutch people so tall?


The Dutch are, indeed, tall. They are, in fact, the tallest people on the planet! Women are nearly 1.71 meters (5.6 feet) tall on average, while men are 1.84 meters. This was not always true. In the last 150 years, the average male height in the Netherlands has increased by 20 cm (eight inches)!

So why? That’s a difficult question to answer.

One widely accepted explanation is that nutrition is critical. It also helps that the Dutch enjoy eating meat and calorie-dense dairy products. The classic Dutch cheese sandwich and a glass of milk!

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Is it correct that you live below sea level? Lifestyle In The Netherlands


Yes! The name “The Netherlands” literally means “low countries,” which is why it is also known as the Lowlands.

Not all of the country is below sea level; approximately half of the land is one metre or higher above sea level. These are typically found further inland. The majority of the areas below sea level have been reclaimed and are closer to the sea. Large areas (polders) have been reclaimed from the sea and lakes since the late 16th century.

The Dutch are well aware of their reliance on the dykes. If they failed, the Netherlands would never be the same.

How do you spend your birthday?

We don’t do a lot of dancing or eating and drinking. In a nutshell, we sit in a circle, eat some cake, sing a song, and then leave on time. Do you want to learn more about Dutch birthday traditions? Watch my video on how to celebrate a Dutch birthday here.

Is the Netherlands more than just soccer?


Yes! There are approximately 25 thousand sports clubs in the Netherlands, and over 5 million Dutch people are members of one or more of these associations. These aren’t all soccer clubs, either.

Tennis, field hockey, and swimming, for example, are popular sports in the Netherlands.

What are your plans for Koningsdag?

king's day 2022 netherlands
king’s day 2022 netherlands

On April 27th, we observe King’s Day. So don’t be one of the tourists who thinks it’s on the 30th because they read it in the ‘Lonely Planet.’ Because that was previously the date of the Queen’s celebrations until 2014.

Top 8 Cool Facts About the Dutch King’s Day

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