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10 Amazing Pink Lakes In Australia You Won’t Believe Exist!

Did you know that Australia has more than ten pink lakes? Australia is home to many wonderful natural beauties, including the spectacular pink lakes!

It’s funny that we almost went to see a pink lake in another country, only to discover that Australia is home to many of them! Because pink lakes in Australia are such a unique phenomenon, we’ve identified ten locations with pink water in Australia.

Many pink lakes in Western Australia, such as Lake Hillier and Hutt Lagoon, are famous pink lagoons in Australia. There are also pink lakes in Melbourne and Canberra! After reading this piece, you’ll be amazed to see your Australia bucket list grow.

Find out why you should put Australia’s pink lakes on your bucket list now!

Lake Hillier In WA


The most well-known pink lake in Australia is Lake Hillier, located on Middle Island in Western Australia. Unlike other pink lakes, Lake Hillier remains the same brilliant bubblegum pink all year.

It’s not simple to travel to the 6km island; the only way to see the pink Lake Hillier is via scenic aircraft or boat. If you take a boat tour, you’ll be dropped down on the island to visit the camp remains of Australia’s sole pirate, Jack Anderson, who lived in the 1830s. Isn’t it cool?

Although swimming is completely safe, swimming is prohibited to safeguard this natural occurrence. Because of the salt in this water, we assume you’d float as much as you would in the Dead Sea.

Pink Lake & Lake Warden, Western Australia


Pink Lake, Lake Hillier’s neighbor, is well-known. Because of the names, it appears that many people are entirely confused about the two lakes.

Unfortunately, Pink Lake’s color has faded over time owing to various circumstances, including the cessation of salt extraction in 2007 and the development of a nearby railway and roadway. Although it disappoints many people, another lake is worth seeing nearby.

The good news is that Lake Warden is only five minutes away from Pink Lake. If you don’t want to take a helicopter or boat over to Lake Hillier, expect to see a brilliant pink lake.

Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia


Hutt Lagoon is a 70-kilometer-long pink lagoon located 5.5 hours north of Perth. Hutt Lagoon is also a popular filming location for fashion brands such as LancĂ´me and Myer.

As previously said, Gary Pepper Girl made waves with the stunning red gown she wore on this lake, and Australian model Jennifer Hawkins also shot a fashion shoot for a Myer campaign here.

Hutt Lagoon’s color can change depending on the weather, from violet to bright pink, and even silver, depending on the cloud cover and time of day.

Hutt Lagoon is more than just a fashion set; it’s also farmed for cosmetics, nutrients, and a natural food dye. If you’re wondering how Hutt Lagoon got its pink color, it’s because algae in the water produce beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is also found in plants such as carrots and is used in their cultivation.

Although the water may dry out and lose its strong pink color throughout the summer, don’t try to drive or walk on it because it’s highly salty and soft, which means it can be fairly sticky because it’s still a salt bed.

Quairading Pink Lake, Western Australia


Quairading Pink Lake is only a two-hour drive from Perth, yet what distinguishes it is a road that passes directly through the centre of it. This path determines that there are two distinct colors of pink throughout the year.

Westgate Lake Melbourne

Westgate Lake near the Westgate Bridge garnered international headlines in 2017 when it changed color overnight to a vibrant bubblegum pink.

There were numerous hypotheses as to why Westgate Lake turned color, but the warmer weather is to blame. The salt lake turned pink due to the combination of high salt levels and temperatures. During the winter, it returns to its normal colder shade.

And here we thought you had to drive far to witness the pink phenomena, yet it’s smack in the centre of Melbourne!

Pink Lakes, Victoria

Lake Crosbie, Lake Becking, Lake Kenyon, and Lake Hardy are four pink lakes in the Murray-Sunset National Park located in the extreme northwest of Victoria, 50 kilometers south of Mildura.

Although not as well known as some of Western Australia’s and South Australia’s famed pink lakes, Victoria has several amazing pink lakes worth mentioning.

After rainfall, the colors range from mauve to the iconic bubblegum pink and become whiter over the day.

There are hiking trails connecting the four lakes, and you can camp at Lake Crosbie or Lake Becking.

Lake Eyre, South Australia


It may be more difficult to explore the other lakes because Lake Eyre only sees water every 3-10 years. The lovely fauna comes to life when the lake fills up, and it’s a sight to behold.

Lake Bumbunga, Clare Valley, South Australia


Lake Bumbunga is approximately a 1h40m drive north west of Adelaide, near the famous Clare Valley wine region. Because the lake is so shallow, it’s a popular place for Instagrammers and photographers.

Lake Albert, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

Lake Albert, named after Prince Albert, is about a 1h40m drive south-east of Adelaide. The lake serves as the entrance to the Coorong National Park, which spans 150 kilometers and contains salt pans, dunes, natural beaches, and wetlands.

Lake MacDonnell, South Australia

Lake MacDonnell is one of Australia’s most popular pink lakes. Although it’s become a popular Instagram location, it’s actually a nine-hour trip west of Adelaide.

Lake MacDonnell, once a salt mine, is the largest gypsum mine in the southern hemisphere, producing more than one million tonnes of gypsum annually.

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