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Why Does The Flag Of Hawaii Include The Union Flag?

We all know that each state in the USA has its own flag. Most of these flags are quite simple, some may be a little bit adventurous. However, Hawaii has one that stands out more than any of the others. Its flag illustrates the Union flag of the U.K. So, why does the flag of Hawaii include The Union flag?

Hawaii’s Flag – The Flag Of Hawaii


The flag of Hawaii has two blue stripes, three white, and three red stripes on its design. It is one of the more lively state flags in the whole USA.

The selection of blue, red, and white stripes makes the flag obviously American design. However, the major feature, which is arrestingly un-American, is the undeniable United Kingdom’s Union Flag. This feature is seeable in the canton.

Back To The History


The tale of the state flag of Hawaii describes the competing claims between groups in terms of the Pacific island. 

In 1959, Hawaii became one of the most current states among the 50 states of the USA. However, since 1898, they had been annexed actually as the Territory of Hawaii. In spite of this fact, being the Sandwich Islands, Britain had put their eyes on it due to its naval significance.

The Story Behind Its Design – The Flag Of Hawaii


There are two versions when comes of the birth of Hawaii’s flag.

The first one describes the tale when the British handed King Kamehameha I a gift, which was the  Union Flag. The King then flew the flag out to show his respect for the Britain King at that time, King George III. This flag was also a symbol of companionship with Britain. 

During the 1812 Wa.r, Americans force on the islands were discontented with a partisan action like that. The flag’s design at the moment was the compromise Hawaiian. They had combined features from both flags of the USA and the U.K. to create their flag state.

The second tale is that the Hawaiian need a symbol to show their national characteristics and maritime power. In fact, this story seems more reasonable than the former. 

According to the Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site’s website, this flag design appeared in 1816. This period was right after the end of hatred between the USA and Britain.

In the 1700s, King Kamehameha had a bond relationship with many explorers and sea captains from Britain. As a result, in 1816, when he designated a flag for the Kingdom of Hawaii, he decided to include the “Union Jack”.”

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