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Sorry London, Edinburgh has been named the best city for quality of life


Let’s face it, we are all getting pretty fed up with this cost of living crisis.

It’s severely impacting many people’s quality of life, with many living pay cheque to pay cheque.

It’s gone on long enough now that a whopping two in three workers have admitted they are open to moving to a new city after evaluating the cost of where they live and work.


Because while London remains the most attractive to UK workers seeking the highest salaries, it places last for overall quality of living.

It turns out, that if quality of life is most important to you then Edinburgh should be your new home city of choice.

Totaljobs found that Edinburgh had the best work-life balance, offering residents higher rates of local happiness, access to affordable housing, and the best commute times with an average of 29 minutes.

These were factors mentioned by 30% of Brits when they were asked what would tempt them to relocate.


The Scottish city also has an average property price of £337,506 compared to London’s £553,000 average. Maybe that’s why 71% of Londoners would be open to making the move.

Edinburgh also had one of the highest ratings when it came to healthcare accessibility and air quality, earning it an overall score of 8.2.

When it came to work related factors that would motivate a move, more than half of respondents in the survey of 5,000 said a higher salary or pay rise would do the trick.

This was followed by a generous benefits package or a relocation package (both 39%), a promotion or better job title (38%) or more flexible work arrangements (32%).

So while Edinburgh might seem like the answers to our cost of living and work-life balance prayers, what other cities offer similar benefits?


Plymouth placed second on the quality of life winners list with an overall score of eight.

The seaside town has the cheapest childcare costs at £700 per month (still extortionate in our opinion) beating Edinburgh whose childcare sets parents back £1,064.76 per month.

Public transport in Plymouth will cost you only £55.50 per month and the average house price is only £241,257. However. it has high levels of pollution and a longer commute time, with an average of 33 minutes.

Rounding out the top three best cities for overall quality of life was yes another Scottish city, Glasgow.

It received one of the lowest cost of living scores and one of the best access to healthcare scores in the entire list, only losing out to Liverpool in that category.

So how does England’s capital shape up in quality of life ranking? Well, London scored a measly 5.1 overall.

For a start, the average rental price for a flat is £1,832 per month, and if you’ve got children, childcare costs will set you back a further £1558.26 per month.

So it’ll be costing you £3,390.26 just to have a roof over your head and secure care for your little ones. Then there’s the matter of bills, food and transport, the latter of which will set you back a further £160 per month.

This has us thinking maybe it’s time we look for greener grass elsewhere too!

Source: metro.co.uk



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