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5 Most Stunning Waterfalls Hidden in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

A superb combination of leisurely beach towns, exhilarating rural experiences, and much more can be found in the coastal Bay of Plenty. In the Bay of Plenty, finding a sunny day means you can have a waterfall swim and finish with a pleasant picnic. A melancholy scene can be created on rainy days, which is ideal for photography. The Bay of Plenty offers many opportunities for exploration, but you shouldn’t miss the waterfalls. Check out our pick of the top 5 Bay of Plenty waterfalls.

1. McLaren Falls


A short and accessible track makes it very simple to reach McLaren Falls. The walk may be completed in a full loop in around 10 minutes. Take a break from Tauranga’s hustle and bustle by strolling through the native bush until you reach the viewing platform. Take advantage of the opportunity to cool yourself in the refreshing freshwater pools. The entire family will enjoy this relaxing afternoon spent in the Bay of Plenty looking for waterfalls.

2. Raparapahoe Falls


A beautiful 3-meter waterfall, Raparapahoe Falls, cascades into a crystal-clear pool of freshwater. The hike to Raparapahoe Falls is a little more difficult. Leave those jandals and slick shoes at home because the 1-kilometre course has a severe descent. The beautiful cascade, though, makes the descent totally worthwhile. Reward yourself with a swim, of course! Better yet, you are welcome to bring your animal companion along with you on this track.

3. Whataroa Falls


Whataroa Falls is made up of a number of distinct waterfalls, and visiting the falls is equally as enjoyable for the scenic trek as it is. A 2-hour roundtrip route with lovely native trees like Rimu and a wealth of informational and visual markers may be found. On hot days, you may always take a dip to cool off and have a picnic. A must-see in the Bay of Plenty is this waterfall and bushwalk!

4. Kaiate Falls (Te Rerekawa)


A 60-minute circle on the Kaiate Falls trail will reward you with not one but two waterfalls. The first has three stunningly cascading falls, the tallest of which is an astonishing 15 meters. To add to the company on this track, dogs are also permitted. Even though swimming is prohibited, visiting on a rainy day makes for stunning, melancholy photos. From Tauranga, it takes 30 minutes to go to this location.

5. Tarawera Falls


A very beautiful waterfall is Tarawera Falls. It is a manageable 40-minute roundtrip trek that may be completed with the whole family. Why not make this a day trip and take a picnic lunch to the spectacular waterfall? Additionally, it is the ideal location for swimming on warmer days.

You can keep going along the route to the Tarawera Outlet if you’re prepared for a lengthier adventure. When visiting Tarawera Falls and Tarawera Outlet, permits could be necessary; for further information, check with the Department of Conservation or your neighbourhood information centre.

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