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5 Cheapest Places In Greece Suitable For Every Budget

When considering a Greek vacation, there are a plethora of divine locations to consider, and your trip doesn’t have to be expensive. To make your trip particularly special and cost-effective, we combed the islands for some of the cheap activities of free attractions in Greece.

The Historic Streets of Athens


Greece’s capital, Athens Street, is situated on the country’s mainland. It’s literally brimming with free things to do and see; even just exploring it is enjoyable! So, this is a recommended free attraction in Greece you must go!

There are a lot of cheap activities but still interesting. We’d keep an eye out for things to do like a few fantastic museums with free admission, visiting the Monastiraki flea market, traveling to the National Gardens, looking into free walking tours, and exploring Greek ruins (some you do have to pay for, but many sites are free). You could even climb the hills in Athens if you’re feeling energetic to take in the most breathtaking panoramas of the city. In Athens, there are countless sights to see!

Kritinia Castle in Rhodes – A Cheap Tourist Place In Greece


If you would like to visit a romantic place but must have cheap activities in Greece, Kritinia Castle would be a best destination for you. Built-in 1472, this ancient fortress is positioned atop a hilltop with a view of the sea. With the most breathtaking views of the horizon, it offers a blend of history and romanticism. The castle is a charming structure with a relatively easy ascent that makes it a fantastic location to watch the sunset. You can set aside some time to just relax and take it all in when you’re with your loved ones.

Go Cliff Jumping In Santorini


Santorini is a picture-perfect island. Its easily recognizable shoreline, which is covered in charming white settlements, is simply breathtaking. Santorini is a celebrity destination with a ton of opulent bars and restaurants, but there are also a ton of amazing free things to do while you’re there.

Cliff jumping in the stunning Amoudi Bay will give you an adrenaline rush if you enjoy adventure and cooling off in the water. The cliffs are about 15-20 feet high, which is a good height but not one that will scare you away from jumping out. After your leap, a relaxing swim in the glittering Aegean Sea is a pleasant reward. This free attraction in Greece should be added to your list if you dare.

The Gorges of Theriso in Crete


The enormous White Mountains in the Samaria National Park are only one of the many attractions on the island of Crete. You can explore the imposing Gorges of Theriso at the base of the White Mountains.

These gorge walks will be an absolute pleasure for everyone who likes a little action while on vacation. A typical 6-kilometer trek around the main gorge will have varying degrees of difficulty and is ideal for hot weather. The trek is especially remarkable because of the spectacular backdrop and abundant vegetation. To make it a full, exciting day out, you can even stop at the tiny village of Theriso before or after your climb.

Spot Loggerhead Turtles in Zante – Best Free Attraction In Greece


Zante is well-known for a variety of things, including its opulent resorts, the well-known Shipwreck Beach, and the stunning Blue Caves, to name a few. The abundance of cute loggerhead turtles in Zante is one of the greatest cheap places in Greece.

There are so many turtles in Zante that you don’t necessarily need to go on an organized excursion to see them, making seeing turtles there an extremely wonderful experience. This is definitely a must-go cheap activity in Greece for you! We advise packing your snorkel and going for a swim off the island of Cameo, which is reachable from Zante through a charming wooden bridge. Although it’s impossible to promise that you’ll see one, it’s possible that several turtles will pay you a visit at this specific location in the sea.

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