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Young elephants amaze tourists with pile-on in South Africa

These stunning pictures show a group of young elephants delighting safari-goers with a huge pile-on by the side of a waterhole.

Family herds of elephants were meeting up at the Shindzela Tented Camp in Greater Kruger, South Africa, when the youngsters got together to play.

As amazed tourists watched on the older elephants lay down on the ground and let the younger animals climb on their backs and push playfully at them with their feet.

Photographer Bobby-Jo Vial, 35, was positioned just 25 yards from the ‘family reunion’ and watched the elephants piling riotously on top of each other, as the animals made a ‘great deal of noise’ with their trunks.

She said: ‘This was several different family units meeting together. I think that is why there was so much interaction happening.

‘Elephants have their own immediate family herd and then they often meet up with extended family herds much like our own relatives.

‘This could have been a family reunion. All the cousins playing. The younger elephants are the ones playing and the adults are drinking at the waterhole whilst keeping an eye on the youngsters.’

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