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Wildfire-Saved Koala Won’t Stop Snuggling From His Rescuers

A heartwarming true koala story in Australia told: The wild koala saved from wildfires won’t stop snuggling his rescuers.

Bill Blair was filming Australia’s burned landscape with a drone when he unexpectedly came across a person who needed assistance. On Kangaroo Island, a young infant koala was huddled at the base of a tree, all by himself and obviously lost. When Blair came across the small boy while returning to his car, he felt there was no way he could leave him behind.

Blair told, “I recalled I was informed when I came if I come across a koala at the base of a tree, that signals it has nothing left in the tank and needs aid. Toss something over it, like a blanket or a shirt, as it will calm it down. I then scooped up the koala and brought him back to the car while holding the drone in the other hand after taking off my shirt and covering the animal.”

The koala didn’t run away when Blair came and picked him up since he seemed to understand that Blair was there to assist him. His small paws were all scorched, and it was a miracle he had managed to live alone. A wild koala saved from wildfires won’t stop snuggling his rescuers.

Blair began driving to the temporary koala hospital that had been established on the island after placing the koala into his car while it was still covered in his shirt. Shortly after starting to drive, the koala abruptly poked his head out of the shirt, briefly observed Blair, and then chose to take a closer look.

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As he sat next to me, Blair remarked, “He gradually crawled out of my hat and started exploring the car, plenty of peering out the window like a youngster.” When he felt at ease enough, he approached and, after spending some time on the seat backs, landed on my seat back close to my shoulder and cuddled up.

The small koala remained in that position for the duration of the car ride, curled up next to Blair and expressing his sincere gratitude to his savior for sparing his life.

After they got to the hospital, Blair handed the koala over to the staff so they could provide him with the treatment he needed, though both he and the animal were clearly reluctant to part ways.

Blair remarked, “I believe he appeared glad I found him and clearly expressed affection towards me. “When I handed him off to the military nurse, he didn’t want to leave me.”


Fortunately, the abandoned koala was able to receive the care and attention he required before eventually being returned to the wild where he belonged. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that he’ll never forget the kind man who saw him and took the time to help, just like so many other people throughout Australia. Koala saved from wildfires won’t stop snuggling his rescuers.

Blair remarked, “They are doing a wonderful job there; locals were bringing in koalas and kangaroos every day.” “It was very great to see all of these people together to save these animals. I’m very happy I could contribute, even in a small way.

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