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Why Is The Dutch Good At Speaking Foreign Languages?

Why is the Dutch good at speaking foreign languages? Are there any specific reasons behind their talented ability? Let’s throughout the reasons with us.

Dutch Is Not A Common Language


Firstly, the Dutch are able to use many other languages because their mother tongue is not common worldwide. As a result, they have to learn foreign languages from a very early age.

Besides their native tongue, English, French, and German are other languages that the locals here use to communicate every day.

Needed At School – The Dutch Speaking Foreign Languages


In the Netherlands, studying a second language is compulsory at school. Children have to attend English classes when they are 12 years old. That’s one of the reasons why many people here can speak English fluently.

Germanic Language


In fact, Dutch is a Germanic language. It means that the Dutch language shares many deep roots and features with German and English. As a result, it’s quite hard to learn German and English when you already speak Dutch.

Moreover, since the Netherlands and Germany are close together, it’s useful for the Dutch to know a word of German. In some edge regions between these two countries, the Dutch dialect communicated there is even extremely identical to German. People from the Netherlands’s West side may find it difficult to understand sometimes.

Napoleon Occupation – The Dutch Speaking Foreign Languages


Another language that the Dutch can learn more easily is French. It is relevant to the occupation of Napoleon before. 

The Dutch language shares indeed roots with German. But it’s the French words that are much more similar to the Dutch words.



Adapting well under all circumstances is a long-standing Dutch culture. They aren’t the kind of people who crave attention. They just want people to feel comfortable and welcomed. 

This is an explanation of why they attempt to speak a visitor’s language to understand him or her.

Trade – The Dutch Speaking Foreign Languages


For ages, this country has been for its various trading with distinct countries. For instance, Rotterdam is one of the biggest import and export harbors in Europe.

As they developed their trade, the Dutch know that speaking multi-languages only brings them great opportunities. It makes trading with foreign companies becomes much more convenient. Therefore, in the Netherlands, everyone seems to speak one foreign language at least, no matter what sector you’re working in.

Dutch Like To Travel


The Dutch are adventurers by nature and genuine travel lovers. Embarking on just a journey each year is kind of not enough for most of them. So, when they are in another country, they have to know a thing or two about the language there.

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