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Why is it so rainy in the Netherlands?

If you’ve ever been or lived (or now live) in the Netherlands, you’ll know that the weather may be unpredictable. There always seems to be something to moan about, whether it’s raining, windy, stormy, ice, snowing, or raining again. Why is it so rainy in the Netherlands?

Some claim it rains so much here because the House of Orange has planned for it to rain so much that the Dutch have something to complain about!

But, truly, why is it so rainy in the Netherlands? And does it rain more here than elsewhere? What is going on with the weather in the Netherlands?! Let’s figure it out together!

Dutch weather


As you may know, the Netherlands is located adjacent to the North Sea, and the wind direction is usually southwest, resulting in a’mild marine climate.’

This indicates that the Netherlands has warm (but not scorching) summers and mild winters (until last year, lol), with no significant temperature changes between seasons (which is certainly not how I feel in winter or summer!). However, compared to Canada, the Netherlands is not particularly chilly.

Why is the Netherlands flat? And how did the Dutch build the country?

The Netherlands is experiencing rain.


Although the Netherlands may rain a lot, the average rainfall is not very high. The main reason it rains a lot is that the weather may be highly unpredictable, and the Netherlands lacks mountains, so there is nothing to prevent any depressions from joining the sea.

The Netherlands only gets about 700 mm of rain each year, roughly the same as San Antonio, Texas (but without the dramatic temperature changes, floods, and tornadoes!).

But, while I can assure you that it doesn’t rain all that frequently here, the unpredictability of the weather may still be bothersome. So, even though the weather appears pleasant and sunny in the morning, it can rain in the afternoon, so keep an umbrella or a jacket on hand just in case.

And when you go out in the middle of summer expecting a beautiful warm bright day, only to be confronted by RAIN (again! ), it feels like it’s constantly pouring!

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How to Survive the Netherlands’ Weather


Although it does not rain in big amounts, it does rain frequently in small patches. Even small pieces might be inconvenient while attempting to commute to work or school, go sightseeing, or travel across the nation. What are our best strategies for surviving the Dutch rain?

Always keep a nice umbrella on hand – preferably one small enough to fit in a pocket but sturdy enough not to flip inside out even on a windy day, which is common in the Netherlands!

If you cycle anywhere in the Netherlands, make sure to cover your bike seat with a plastic bag (kept together with an elastic band) when you leave it outside – this will save you from getting wet behind when you have to retrieve it back after a rain shower!

Check out weather applications, but don’t always believe them. I’ve heard that it sometimes snows when it’s sunny, so have a look outside.

If it’s raining (or rainy), visit some of the country’s best indoor attractions, such as museums, art galleries, and breweries. Every major city in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Leiden, and Tilburg, offers fantastic museums to visit! Here are the reasons why is it so rainy in the Netherlands?

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