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Why Is French Spoken In Canada?

Why is French spoken in Canada? And why is it so popular?  Well, it’s all about the history matter. We will figure out the reason together.

Historical Origin


In 1534, Jacques Cartier – a  French adventurer traveled across the Atlantic searching for a new and more straightforward way leading to Asia. He eventually reached Newfoundland’s shores. Then, he mapped the regions of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. 

Cartier even erected a cross about 10 meters long with the phrase on it: Long Live the King of France. He also tried to claim the area for France. As a result, his action created conflict among the aboriginal residents in the area.

Though Cartier’s ambition was not quite successful at that time, Canada’s French roots were still spread in 1557. Cartier was the first to use the term “Canada” to call these lands.

French Settlements – Why French Spoken In Canada?


By the early 17th century, the French started to settle in the East of Canada. To be more specific,  in 1605, Samuel de Champlain founded Port Royal in Acadia, and in 1608, the Quebec City. 

People living in Quebec at that time mainly worked in the progressively promising fur trade industry. In 1642, they founded the Ville Marie region, which is the Montreal today. 

18th Century War


In the 18th century, the British dominated these lands, from the Atlantic areas to Quebec.

The purpose of anglicizing the French-speaking people of the British failed, eventually. But the French language’s rank still witnessed a reduction relating to political and trade power. 

In 1774, the British Parliament passed the Quebec Act. This action was to motivate the coexistence of the two linguistic groups.

Consolidating Canada – Why French Spoken In Canada?


Due to the division into two provinces, by the late 18th century, Canada appeared as a national state. Upper Canada, which is Ontario nowadays, was the primary region of people who speak English. And the Lower Canada, which is now Quebec, was for those who communicate in French.

The Dominion of Canada was finally established in 1867. It consists of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. French was the official language in Quebec, again.

Position And Variations Of French Nowadays


In 1969, Canada established the first Act of Official Languages. In 1988, they refine the Act to race the equivalent status of French and English at the national level.

There are numerous French-speaking societies across provinces of Canada. However, only New Brunswick has willingly decided to be an officially bilingual region.

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