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Why Does The Netherlands Have Much Wind?

When you have to bike to school as a young child, you quickly learn how windy this country is. You don’t really give it much thought, though, because you are so accustomed to it. But why does the wind blow in the Netherlands so frequently? Let’s explore this fact and some of funny activities in the wind for you.

Why Does The Netherlands Have Much Wind?


The Netherlands’ geographic location is the main cause of the country’s excessive wind. As you undoubtedly already know, the Netherlands has a 450 km coastline and is mostly located near the sea (279 miles). As a result, the wind that originates high above the oceans can readily blow into the Netherlands.

Additionally, it is influenced by the season. The wind blows more forcefully on average in the winter and autumn than it does in the summer and spring. This is brought on by significant temperature fluctuations in the regions where the wind is created. As a result, the air pressure shifts, increasing the wind’s force.

The Netherlands is among the flattest nations in the world; therefore, the wind doesn’t encounter many obstructions there. Take the Ijsselmeer as an illustration. Between Noord-Holland and Friesland sits this sizable lake (1133 km2 or 704 mi2). The wind can easily go inland thanks to this wide flat terrain.

There is far less wind than there used to be throughout the country. The Netherlands’ rising population density has led to an increase in the number of new structures being constructed. The wind has more challenges to overcome now than it did in earlier times because of all these tall buildings blocking its path. According to research, the Netherlands’ south-east has the mildest wind conditions. This is due to the fact that area being farther from the coast and less level than the majority of other Dutch regions.

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Do Hurricanes Exist In The Netherlands?

No, it is a short response to this query. It is almost unlikely for the Netherlands to be hit by a hurricane, according to Dutch meteorological specialists. This is due to the fact that hurricanes frequently form in regions with warm salt water and little wind.

The Netherlands, where it is frequently quite windy, and the sea is typically very chilly, is an exception to this rule. However, the remnants of a tropical cyclone can still strike the Netherlands, albeit they are typically weaker and don’t normally do much damage. The Netherlands is still susceptible to storms. The nation’s record-breaking wind speed was 161 km/h (100 mph). But this is an extremely unusual circumstance that doesn’t happen very often.

5 Exciting Wind-Powered Activities In The Netherlands

There are times when the wind may be a lot of fun, even though it can also be rather dangerous or frustrating. Five of the best things to do while it’s windy are listed here.

Sailing – Best Wind-Powered Activity In The Netherlands


The wind in The Netherlands might be your best buddy if you enjoy sailing. You won’t be able to move forward without the wind. There are lots of sailing opportunities in the Netherlands. In Friesland, you can sail on one of the many lakes, but sea sailing is also fairly common. Professional sailors, though, tend to do this more frequently. Make sure you know what you’re doing because the seas surrounding the Netherlands can be highly dangerous.

Gliding – The wind in the Netherlands Is Very Suitable For This Activity


Another magnificent wind-based activity is gliding. While seated inside a plane without engines, you will be pulled into the air and winched into the air. Once you’re in the air, the plane will keep flying by utilizing the various air currents.

A glider cannot simply be entered. For this, there are many detailed, rigorous rules. However, two people can ride in a glider and fly. One of the various gliding clubs in the Netherlands is where you may do this. Currently, there are about 40 of these clubs.



There is also kitesurfing for “genuine” thrill-seekers. You jump really high and shoot through the water at incredible speeds. In the Netherlands, this sport is played a lot in the summer. Actually, the Netherlands is one of the world’s top kiters.

You cannot simply pick up kitesurfing in one day. Gaining a firm understanding of it takes a lot of time. However, you can take courses at kite schools in the Netherlands. Do not, however, believe that one lesson will be enough.



The wind in the Netherlands is very suitable for kite-flying. Everyone may participate in this activity: taking the family to the beach for a pleasant day and flying a kite together. Children can participate in the fun, and little practice is needed. Other than a kite, all you need is wind.



In the Netherlands, this sport is still very young. You’re inside a buggy being pushed by a large kite. It is possible to travel at great speeds, and it can be very impressive. These days, bachelor parties are highly popular for this activity because it is easy to pick up and provides an adrenaline boost.

Of course, there are a lot more things you can do with the wind besides these five. What about paragliding, hot air ballooning, or windsurfing, for example?

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