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What Is Special About Lei Day In Hawaii?

Lei Day is a celebration of the aloha spirit and Hawaiian culture. People honor by giving leis to another. Let’s see what is special about Lei Day in Hawaii

An Introduction About Lei Dei Hawaii


On Hawaii Islands, May Day is Lei Day. This day marks the nationally-recognized of Hawaii. It’s also annual praise for a culturally important representation.

During Lei Day, the locals dress in aloha attire. Wearing aloha attire means honoring the natural manufacture of tropical flowers of the state.

And on this day, people give and receive leis as a gift. Schools also put on stage plays and select a Leis Day court (with Kings and Queens) to act for distinct islands. Each one has its own character that is comprised of flowers and colors.

What Is Hawaii Lei?


It is a necklace or garland of flowers. Hawaiian give it to represent their welcome or goodbye.

Either Leis or lei is the correct form of this word. Leis are usually 46 cm long. It’s generally made of orchids, jasmine blossoms, ginger blossoms, carnations, or Kika blossoms.

To show hospitality, when giving leis, Hawaiian also give you a kiss.

Other Occasions To Wear Leis


These days, people wear and exchange leis at events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, and funerals. On these special occasions, people may make this necklace a bit different from the original one. For example, you can see it at weddings with ribbons, feathers, leaves, shells, and nuts on it.

What Is Special About Lei Day Hawaii?


Each May, colorful muumuu dresses and aloha shirts are everywhere on the city streets. Hawaiians are most excited when it comes to the Lei Day show. They line up in long queues to see the prize-winning leis of the year. There are diverse categories of leis awards. For instance, yarn leis, hat leis, youth, and mixed media. However, the spotlight and also the most reputable is the Mayor’s Grand Prize.

On Oahu, this Celebration happens each year at Queen Kapiolani Park. The event is totally free. You can enjoy many kinds of entertainment here. Some of the most favored are lei-making displays, local food, and hula performances. You can even witness appearances by the Leis Day Queen, and the famous lei competition show.

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