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What Do You Need To Prepare Before Going On The Mount Taranaki Hike?

What do you need to prepare before going on the Mount Taranaki hike? We have to say that the desired heart for adventure is not enough. There are other essential things to pack up for this trip to New Zealand.

Egmont National Park – Mount Taranaki Hike

Egmont-National-Park-New -Zealand
Egmont-National-Park-New -Zealand

This park is on the western coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Here, the Taranaki volcano rules supreme.

For those keen on botany, Egmont National Park is an ideal spot for you. This place let you observe the plant species’ progression from surf to mountaintop. The lowland forest is full of rata and rimu trees. On the middle slopes is the Goblin Forest. It takes its name from the dense swathes of trailing moss and the deformed shape of the trees.

Maori Mythology About Mount Taranaki


Maori mythology states that Mount Taranaki was actually in the center of the North Island. In a battle for the pretty Pihanga, Tongariro achieved victory over Taranaki. Taranaki had big wounds on his side, which caused him to escape to the west. This is the place where he stands, splendid but alone.

A Freestanding And Symmetrical Mountain – Mount Taranaki Hike


This 120,000 years old mountain is breathtaking with a height of 2518 meters above ocean level. Its last great eruption was around 1854. It’s a symbolic part of New Plymouth.

Sits in the Egmont National Park, the trail to the mountaintop is one of the most famous tramps in New Zealand. On a sunny day, you can observe spectacular 360-degree sceneries and an exciting challenge. However, this is also one of Aotearoa’s riskiest hikes. It’s all because of its volatile and fast-moving weather conditions combined with an abrupt incline and a challenging trail.

There are more than 20 tramps to explore in this dense national park. But if you long for a great adventure, set your goal to the hilltop. The all-day trek will push you to your limits and you will certainly have muscle pains for days after, but the memories will stay with you eternally. 

So, get your boots on, and note down the list of needed things we suggest before going on the Mount Taranaki hike.

Prepare Yourself A Brave Heart


Prepare yourself for a brave heart and excellent physical health. According to the Department of Conservation, the tramp will take you about ten hours to reach. 

The most suitable time to take the Mount Taranaki hike is from December to the middle of April. From May to November, ice and snow will cover the whole area. In the chillier months, almost only trampers with climbing experience and the essential equipment can attempt the peak.

Don’t forget to check the weather beforehand. If situations seem worrying, wait patiently until it’s safe.

Food, Beverage, And Other Essentials


Carbs will be the best choice when it comes to hiking. You must not misjudge how much strength you will need on an approximately 10-hour expedition. Besides protein bars, other foods such as salad rolls, nuts, bananas, cheese and bacon rolls, etc. should always be in your backpack. We ensure you will consume every last bit of them.

Along with food, prepare at least 3L of water per person. There are no drinking water supplies when tackling the Mount Taranaki hike.

Of course, you should wear long pants, don’t forget a hat, sunglasses, and sturdy footwear. A first aid kit, warm gloves, a jacket, and a raincoat will never be superfluous.

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