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Western Australia Was Named The Best Journey In Travel 2023 by Lonely Planet

” Sometimes it’s not the destination but the journey itself that’s transformative ” – Lonely Planet. Based on many evaluation and selection criteria, the world’s leading travel magazine has created a list of places to bring the best journey in travel 2023. And it’s proud that Western Australia is on the list for many compelling reasons.

1. What is Best in Travel 2023 – Journey of Lonely Planet?

Based on five parameters, Lonely Planet has identified six locations that will provide the BEST IN TRAVEL 2023 – JOURNEY:

  1. The comprehensive membership survey by Lonely Planet included over 200 professionals who meticulously predicted the most anticipated travel destinations and activities for the coming year.
  2. The Hack is a Best in Travel working group that expands on these recommendations, analyzes what inspires them, and suggests themes and things not to miss.
  3. Shortlist: After reviewing thousands of suggestions, our team of expert travel aficionados creates a shortlist for further editing.
  4. Our team of renowned travel specialists then evaluated the shortlist. Roi Ariel, General Manager of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council; Nitya Chambers, Senior Vice President, Executive and Content Editor; Tharik Hussain, expert on Islamic heritage and culture; Melanie Lieberman, senior editor at The Points Guy; and Cory Woodward, a blogger and accessible travel advocate, will be on this year’s panel.
  5. Once the panel has decided, the final list will be shared with a few trusted persons and kept under wraps until November.

2. Why is Western Australia on this list?


Whether you have a few days or weeks, Western Australia‘s vast territory provides numerous options for an adventurous journey. So, whether you fly between cities or drive for days (or weeks), there’s a lot to see on Australia’s western side.

Western Australia (WA) would be the world’s tenth-largest country if it were a distinct country (bigger than Algeria, smaller than Kazakhstan). Even though most of WA’s population lives around the coast, you can walk down a beach without seeing another footprint or be one of a few scattered campers stargazing in a national park.


There’s something free and lively about this town, a frontier spirit unburdened by east-coast anxieties. This is also an ancient land, with more visible Aboriginal cultures than in much of Australia.

The rich southwest of the state is a playground of white-sand beaches, riotous wildflowers, and verdant forests teeming with wildlife. Up north, in the vast, red-dirt Pilbara and Kimberley, you’ll find stunning gorges and mesmerizing waterfalls – and no one else for miles. In between lies 12,500 kilometers of breathtaking coastline.

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