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Welcome to Marken, The Most Typical Village in the Netherlands You Cannot Miss

Marken, the Netherlands is famous for its fishing harbor, lovely timber houses, and white drawbridges. Also, its history is interesting and worth knowing.

A Lovely But Having-A-Sad-History Peninsula


In the 13th century, Marken was split from the Netherlands’ mainland by a storm. The isolation continued for centuries later. People living on Marken could only make ends meet by fishing.

In 1957, the peninsula was eventually connected to the mainland by an embankment. However, Marken has still maintained its original character and the locals adore their customs.

How To Get To Marken

As we mentioned above, the connection of this peninsula with the mainland is an embankment. To get to Marken, you can cross this 1.6-km-long bulwark by bicycle, car, or even on foot.

However, we suggest you walk on foot since there’s only a parking lot on the peninsula, and the parking fee is €5 per day. Or else, you can leave your vehicles on the mainland and then walk to the destination.

For those who travel by public transport, bus 315 can take you there. 

Things To See And Do In Marken

As Marken is a tiny island, you can easily tour it on foot. Despite its small size, the island has numerous attractions to discover.

Paard Van Marken


Paard van Marken or Horse of Marken is an 1839 lighthouse. And it still fulfills its duties these days. This white tower with the red hood is a quite popular spot for great photos. So, remember to pay it a visit.

Wooden Houses


Before building homes on stakes, the residents here had to construct their homes on “werven”, the man-made hills. By doing this, they could prevent deterioration from floods. And these typical homes remain these days.

Marken Museum


The museum is devoted to the customs of the former peninsula of Marken. You can see works of art by the locals here.

Otherwise, head to the old Wooden Shoe Factory. Here, you will learn to make “clogs” from a block of wood.

Volendam Harbor Town


In this lovely town, you’ll see even more Dutch costumes. This is also the place where the Volendam Marken Express cruise boat brings you at times a day.

Buy Souvenirs At Sijtje Boes House


If you want to buy souvenirs, head to Sijtje Boes’s house to find the good stuff. This is the most aged souvenir site in town.

The Marker Folklorestoffen is also worth a visit. It sells fabrics that the customary Marker outfits were made of. This would be the best meaningful present when coming back from your trip.

Also, there is a store on Rietland 4 that even sells real costumes.

Have A Dish At Local Restaurants


As Marken is a fishermen’s village, there’s a lot of seafood around

  • Snackbar De Verkeerde Wereld – A cafe that sells snacks and fries. They also have dishes for lunch and dinner. However, it’s not working on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • De Visscher – This is a pub that serves decent food and also offers a great view.
  • Restaurant Land en Zeezicht – A nice location with a lovely outdoor balcony.

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