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Weird Things You Need To Do When You Visit Canada To Be A Real Local!

No matter where you go in Canada, here are 7 weird but fun things you need to try to become a real Canadian!

Learn How to Use “Eh” Correctly


Many people abuse a little “eh” when they come to Canada. But less is more, so use this little magic sound at the end of a sentence when you want to say: “isn’t it?” / “Right?” / “You do not agree?”

Canadians love the word Eh because it is considered the distinctive language of Canadians compared to other English-speaking communities.

Go to Tim Hortons and order a “Double Double”


When Canadian hockey player Tim Horton opened a fast-food restaurant in 1964, he probably didn’t know he was creating a Canadian icon. This chain of stores now has about 4,500 locations and Canadians will go crazy for it! Tim Hortons (sometimes affectionately known as “Timmies”) are primarily known for their donuts and coffee, and you can impress the locals if you order real Canadian-style coffee by asked for “double double” – meaning “double sugar and double cream”. If that is a bit too sweet for you, you can choose the “regular” (one sugar, one cream), and if that is too sweet for you, select the “regular with milk” (one sugar, one cream variety milk).

Learn cute nicknames for Canadian money


Canadians have cute nicknames for their currency:

  • A penny is called a “penny”. However, the sad news is that the Canadian coin is no longer circulating.
  • Five cents is a “nickel.”
  • The ten-cent coin is called a “dime”.
  • 25 cents is a “quarter”. It would help if you flipped these coins over because the reverse side has many different motifs, the standard being reindeer.
  • A dollar is called a “Loonie,” because it bears the image of a loon, a famous Canadian waterfowl.
  • Two dollars is called “Toonie” – you know, because it’s two looni.

Rent a car and go hiking on famous roads in Canada.


With most of its population of 35 million located on a narrow strip of land in the south of the country, Canada has plenty of breathtaking, untouched nature to explore. The only problem is that you probably won’t get there without a car. So rent one, drive straight north for an hour or two, and then stop for some hiking. I promise it will be your most rewarding experience!

Experience the underground life in Canada

Do you know all those apocalyptic movies where people are forced to live underground by some terrible disaster? Well, imagine that, minus the awful disaster. It’s pretty cold in Canada, so some cities like Montréal have a vast network of underground malls connecting different metro stops, forming a second city underneath the city.

Make friends in the bar in Canada


Canadians are generally very outgoing and friendly, and it’s easy to start a conversation in a bar or pub with any random “Canuck.” Pro tip: Be sure to do a little research on your local ice hockey team in advance and you can stick with Canada’s favorite sport.

Explore Canada’s cultural and linguistic diversity

It is straightforward to be exposed to different languages ​​while in Canada.
This country uses two main languages, French and English. Also, did you know more than 20% of citizens were born outside Canada? This makes for a vibrant cultural fusion: Take a stroll through any Canadian city and you’re sure to hear conversations in Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Korean. , Vietnamese,…

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