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Week-old cheetah cubs are spotted taking their initial steps into the world at Serengeti National Park

Week-old cheetah cubs have been seen taking their first steps out into the world in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

The cute cubs, which will eventually grow to be the fastest animals on land, could be seen staring suspiciously across the camera’s lens.

As the fluffy creatures wandered out leisurely across a rock, armed with a seemingly fearless attitude, speed was not on their plan.

Paul Mahagi, 39, a wildlife photographer, said it was worth every hour he spent in the national park to observe the cheetahs take their first steps out into the wild.

These adorable fluffy cubs were only born a week ago. Despite their small size the tiny felines did not appear at all fearful as they took their first steps out into the world 
This week old cheetah opens its mouth wide as it saunters across the rock on its first excursion into the open world since being born

Mahagi claimed to have spent six days hidden in a bush in the blazing heat, waiting for his chance.

‘I’m quite pleased with how things came out. I had no idea I’d receive such a beautiful expression. He appears to be greeting the rest of the world.

‘The cheetahs are adorable.’

The pups will grow to be the fastest creatures on land, reaching speeds of up to 70 miles per hour – more than 30 miles per hour faster than a giraffe.

However, they begin as small fluffy cubs weighing around five to ten ounces, or the equivalent of a can of soda.

Paul Mahagi said he spent six days waiting for his moment to catch a snap of the newly born cheetahs
The baby cheetah starts out as a fluffy cub weighing little more than five to ten ounces but will eventually grow to become the fastest animal on land reaching top speeds of 70 miles an hour

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