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Unusual Things You’ll Only Learn If You Visit Ireland

These are the unusual things you’ll only learn if you visit Ireland. Sound weird, right? So, let’s figure them out. Don’t forget to check if there are things you’ve already known!

Irish Are Astonishingly Friendly – Things Only Learn If Visit Ireland


Irish will genuinely welcome foreigners to visit their homes even without prior preparation. They also put a much greater value on social connections.

Fun fact: the Irish usually mock whomever they like. So, if the locals make a joke about your expenditure, you know you are doing great.

Time Can Be An Abstract Concept


In fact, the concept of time in Ireland is barely acknowledged by the people. Of course, they know what the time is, but socially speaking, they do not follow it.

It is just common sense and everyone knows that nobody will be on time. So, if you have meetings with the locals, keep in mind that they will be late by about 15 to 30 mins. 

Don’t be so serious when it comes to the time in Ireland.

Catholic Has Numerous Meanings – Things Only Learn If Visit Ireland


Irish is mainly Catholic, we all know that. Many professionals point out that about 80 – 90% of “Catholic” box-ticking which is on the census truly owes as much to “Catholic” being aligned with Irish originality (not protestant) as honestly being a real Catholic.

However, currently, there are many scandals that have happened and the responses of the church convey anger among the community. As a result, people have substantially curtailed their professed faith in the church.

Ireland Has A Big Division Between Urban And Rural Areas


Since the majority of Irish live in Dublin and nearby neighborhoods, it looks like the Dublin region vs the rest of the nation.

The urban suppose that people living in the rural should go outside and explore the world. Meanwhile, from the rural citizens’ point of view, people living in the modern city are much more like the British than the real Irish.

The Irish Have A Strong Personal Sense Of History – Things Only Learn If Visit Ireland


Each Irish family can tell you comprehensively about their history. The tales are passed down through generations. For example, about what their ancestors were doing back in the 1916 Rising, what was a life of a farmer on the family ranch ages ago, etc. 

They can even delineate the journeys of their forebears, reminiscing the effect of the starvation. Relations to societies are deep. A sense of past permeates individual politics as well.

There Are Dozens Of Irish Accents


Don’t worry if you cannot understand Irish. Even the elderly here can sometimes find it hard to acknowledge the accents.

Dublin has several different accents as well. It somewhat links with the side of the River Liffey from which they come. For your information, almost none of these sound like the Irish accents in Hollywood flicks.

Things Being Extremely Old Is Normal – Things Only Learn If Visit Ireland


They have pubs that existed back in the 12th century. For example, Guinness is about 9,000 years old and Newgrange is roughly 5,200. It means that these constructions greatly predate the Pyramids.

In fact, many traditional homes here have stood for years, especially those in the rural areas.

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