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Unskippable Things To Do In Hokitika New Zealand

Hokitika is one of the hidden gems of New Zealand. If you’d like to immerse yourself in wild scenery, it is certainly a perfect destination. First, let’s get to know the basic things like Hokitika weather, the best time to visit, and then, things to do here.

About Hokitika New Zealand


Hokitika is a town that sits on South Island’s west coast of New Zealand. Specifically, it lies at the mouth of the Hokitika River. This river is derived from the Southern Alps and is fed by the Kokatahi, Whitcombe, and Mungo rivers.

In the past, Hokitika developed with the finding of gold.  In 1866, the region reached a peak of 50,000 inhabitants with the “Australian invasion” of miners. However, by 1858, the number of people was already in downfall.

In fact, Hokitika is one of the hidden gems of New Zealand. It is indeed rich in wild scenery. You can sail through tranquil wetlands, feed eels, walk in the treetops, etc.

The Best Time To Visit Hokitika New Zealand

Hokitika has moderate oceanic weather. The annual maximum temperature here is basically 15°C, varying between 11°C in July and 19°C in February. Yearly rainfall is 3895mm, with a maximum in October and a minimum in February.

According to Hokitika weather, when is the best time to visit Hokitika?

  • The best time for ideal weather in February
  • The coldest periods are July and August
  • The most generous months are January, February, and March
  • The rainiest time is mostly at the end of the year from September, October, November, to December

Awesome Things To Do In Hokitika New Zealand

Here is the list of things to do in Hokitika, New Zealand. We ensure that all of them are the best!

Go To Hokitika Beach


There is a saying in New Zealand, “The West Coast is the best coast”. You’ll totally agree with them when coming to Hokitika Beach.

The beach lies on the west coast which is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. It’s also famous for the considerable amount of driftwood that appears with the tide. A highlight of this is the Hokitika Sign – itself created out of driftwood.

Catch A Lookalike Fairy-Taled Sight At Little Glow-Worm Dell Town


A glamorous fairy-tale scene is now visible in New Zealand. Yes, we’re talking about the little Glow-worm Dell town.

Sitting on the State Highway 6 wayside, not far from the central township, Glow-worm Dell offers a visual marvel of glowing worms. Imagine taking a stroll at night with your beloved ones to see these beautiful fairy lights, isn’t it worth a try?

And it’s totally free to see this glow-worm colony. But remember that you can only see it at night. Also, don’t forget to bring along a flashlight.

Watch Dorothy Falls


New Zealand has many wonders and one of those is the waterfalls. Just a 30-minute drive from downtown and you’re at the best in the area.

Dorothy Falls is a stunning multi-step falls that lies on Lake Kaniere’s eastern side. It’s remarkably photogenic so make sure to take photos to impress all your friends back home.

Learn About The Region’s History At Hokitika Museum


The museum sits inside a gorgeous ancient building and is a great address for history lovers. Hokitika museum covers much of its past such as facts about the early pioneers, the prosperous whitebait industry, the gold rush era, etc.

Since it’s open daily, you can easily take your time to visit.

Have A Stroll At Gorge Walk


This incredible natural walk takes just 15 minutes to complete. However, don’t underestimate it. It indeed packs a lot in over that short of time.

You’ll have a chance to admire the native forest. There is also the Hokitika River with captivating turquoise waters and a unique swing bridge. 

Visit Wilderness Gallery


If you’re keen on art, then you should stop by the Wilderness Gallery. It’s in the hub of Hokitika.

The gallery displays Juergen Schacke’s award-winning photography. Schacke is an expert in capturing majestic landscapes. Besides his photography, the Wilderness Gallery also showcases crafts and art from local artists. You can buy these pieces of artwork as souvenirs.

See Kiwi At National Kiwi Centre


Head to the National Kiwi Centre in the hub of Hokitika to see this renowned national bird. Located in a nighttime sanctuary, you’ll have the chance to witness kiwis scurrying about. 

In addition, the National Kiwi Centre is home to Tuatara and Giant Eels. The former is NZ’s oldest reptile, and the latter is the largest species worldwide.

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