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Transport Tips For Tourists When Visiting The Netherlands

We all know that the Netherlands is a bike-friendly country, and it is also one of the main means of transportation. Therefore, knowing well about transportation basic rules is needed. Here are some transport tips for tourists when visiting the Netherlands.

Bicycle Risks


Maybe in other countries, you always have to watch out for cars when commuting on the street. It’s the same in the Netherlands, but the difference is that it’s not the car that is the priority but the bicycle.

So, remember to not walk near the bicycle lanes. But don’t worry, there will be clear bicycle signs so you won’t accidentally step into its lanes.

Bicycle Stealing – Visiting The Netherlands


Another risk of having too many bicycles is the fear of being stolen. Amsterdam is one of the cities that has the highest rates of bike theft around the world.

Actually, if you are in need, this bike theft phenomenon can pose some options. However, according to the Netherlands’ transportation rules, you will get fined if you purchase a stolen bike. Moreover, you also  

So, a better choice for you is to hire a bike from authentic vendors across the country. And remember that you can ride your bike anywhere except the highway. 

Traffic On The Highways


The expensive cost of fuel is another reason that leads to the common use of bikes in the Netherlands. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no traffic congestion here. That’s why the Netherlands still has a modern highway system.

The highways close to Amsterdam are extremely traffic-ridden. In the outback, roadways can become single-lane.

It would be hard to rent a car outside Amsterdam. And inside the city, parking is kind of challenging, and officials are quick to penalize you.

Other Transport Alternatives – Visiting The Netherlands


Since the country is not quite large, getting around could be relatively easy. The well-organized rail and bus systems are perfect for short trips. They offer frequent lines running so you don’t have to buy tickets in advance. The whole country is managed by a one-fare procedure to make things uncomplicated. 

In 2011, the government here got rid of the strippenkaart, which is a strip of cards you stamped on board a tram. Then, they substituted them with a smart and look-alike credit card named the OV-chipkaart. This is an e-card with a built-in chip that allows you to commute on all public transport such as metros, trams, and buses. 

When using public transport, hold your card up to the reader until you see a green light. A “beep” sound means that your card has been read. If you switch to another means of transport, you must recheck out and recheck in at your following stop. If you don’t remember to check out, the card will not be valid and you may face a fine.

Unlike bus and tram, travel by train could be a bit difficult. It is because it usually runs later than the expected schedules.

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