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Tourists Will Be Shocked By These 5 Special Dutch Cultural Traditions

Dutch culture is exceptional and diverse. Visitors will be shocked by these 5 special Dutch cultural traditions below. So this list serves as a warning to you. Enjoy and immerse yourself in it. And you will have an unforgettable trip!

1. Watch out for your bicycle.

Although the Netherlands is a country with a low crime rate and is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. However, never leave your bike without properly locking it.

I’ve talked to many Dutchies who feel like stealing a bike or a scooter is something every Dutchie has done at least once in their life. It’s almost like it’s one of life’s valuable studies or an experience growing up in the Netherlands.

People tend to accept it and move on. Just use an old bicycle, and it’s less likely to get cut. Usually, there’s no point in calling the police because they won’t take any action.

So please don’t buy a cycle on a ticker plane unless you can be sure where it’s coming from. And don’t buy a bike from some people loitering outside the station late at night. You’re just creating demand, helping thieves profit from crime, and increasing the cost of insurance for everyone.

2. Enjoy Dutch Cheese

Dutch is synonymous with cheese. We have Gouda, Edammer and Reypenaer…. Incredibly, there are about 300 farmsteads in the Netherlands that create their own dairy products.

Cheese is one of the most cherished Dutch culinary traditions and has been produced in the Netherlands since at least 800 BC. Our love for cheese has earned us a Dutch nickname, kaaskoppen, which literally means ‘cheese head.’

The best way to know about Dutch cheese culture is to taste the cheese. Like a beer tour, the cheese tasting experience includes a walk around the factory and an explanation of the entire process.

Tours in Gouda and Amsterdam are quite touristy, but tours in Reypenaer are more popular among locals.

3. Enjoy the street parties!

If you love drinking and listening to live music outdoors, then you’ve come to the right place. The Dutch are brilliant at street parties. Everyone’s in a party mood, there’s usually not much trouble with drunken rampages, and all entertainment is held for FREE.

4. Ice skating on the canals in winter

The Netherlands is a land of rivers and canals. When winter falls, and the temperature drops below minus Celsius, these canals will freeze. Then the Dutch will put on a pair of skates and enjoy it!

5. I come from the right!

Did you understand that the driving rule means that vehicles traveling from your right in your direction of travel have the right of way? If you are driving or biking along a road and there is an adjacent road on your right, you must slow down or stop and allow an oncoming vehicle to pull over.

Gray areas exist where there are no road markings or when cyclists do not always follow the traffic rules. Sooner or later, you’ll run into a misinterpretation of this particular rule when an angry motorist nearly runs over you, and you hear that familiar scream out the window as he passes. via: “Ik kom van rechts!”

Here are 5 Special Dutch Cultural Traditions that will shock you. Do you add something?

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