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Toronto’s 10 most haunted attractions you can actually visit

It can be difficult to get into the Halloween spirit with all the gloom and doom going on in the world right now. The spookiest haunted places in Toronto are what we’re bringing you today because we believe we deserve a little fun these days. Put on your mask this October and visit a few ghosts around the neighborhood. We believe it’s exactly what you require.

Queen’s Park is the most famous haunted house in Toronto 2022


The tunnels in Queens Park will undoubtedly frighten you. The Legislative Building in the park is rumored to be haunted by an enigmatic woman who wears nothing but white. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of people hearing her cries in the distance. Some claim to have even seen her spectral image hanging in the tunnels. It’s shiver-inducing, you guys. The buildings here are probably out of your reach, but you can explore the park to see if you can feel her presence. This is one of the most popular haunted places in Toronto you must visit.

110 Wellesley Street West

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Humber College Lakeshore


The Humber College Lakeshore Campus used to be a psychiatric hospital before it was used to mold the young minds of tomorrow. It was known as the Mimico Asylum back then, and it ran from 1889 to 1979. 1,511 former patients who are said to haunt the property even today are still buried there.

Place: 3199 Lakeshore Boulevard West

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Gibraltor Point Light House


The haunting at this Toronto location is caused by a disagreement over a beer. John Paul Radelmüller, the lighthouse keeper, was working at his post back in 1815 when he encountered some difficulties. The lighthouse keeper is said to have been murdered by two enraged soldiers who left his dismembered body on the scene because they didn’t like a batch of beer Radelmüller had brewed. On your subsequent trip to the Islands, stop by the lighthouse where it is rumored that Radelmüller still resides.

Location: Toronto Islands

Don’t forget Don Jail, the most ghost place in Toronto 2022


A jail naturally appears on the list of haunted places. The Don Jail was one of the harshest places around in its heyday, though it is no longer in use. Over the years, it housed a large number of prisoners, but its real claim to fame is the numerous hangings that took place there. The most well-known ghost story in the jail involves a female inmate who committed suicide in her cell. She now prowls around the jail grounds, which are open for self-guided tours nearly every day of the week. This is one of the most famoust haunted places in Toronto. Don’t miss it for Halloween spirit in Canada 2022.

550 Gerrard Street East

Casa Loma Stables


Toronto’s Casa Loma is a much more accessible haunted location. Most likely, you came here for a leisurely afternoon of exploring the opulent castle or strolling the lovely grounds. But did you know that the location is purportedly haunted? It seems that ghostly voices of men and children have been heard in the castle’s stables, and a white-clad woman has frequently been seen wandering the castle’s halls. On your next visit, you should definitely keep an eye out for it. This is one of the most haunted house in Toronto.

Location: 1 Austin Terrace

University College, haunted places in Toronto


This terrifying ghost story will be well-known to University of Toronto students. According to legend, there was a lot of drama when the renowned University College was being constructed. It was rumored that two of the construction workers were in love with the same woman. The men got into a fight as a result, which is still visible by an ax mark on one of the building doors. One of the men eventually died after being pushed or falling from the building’s tower; he still frightens the area today.

What: Kings College Circle, 15

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Lower Bay Station


Did you know that the defunct Lower Bay Station is one of the most haunted places in Toronto, once stood beneath the current Bay Station? A “Lady in Red” is rumored to haunt the area. Many people think she was killed when she was pushed in front of the tracks, which is why they are bothered by her now. The haunted location is off limits to the general public and requires special permission to visit. BUT numerous Hollywood productions have been filmed there. That might be your entryway if you find yourself on a set anytime soon.

Location: 1240 Bay St.

Royal York Hotel


When you stay at the Royal York Hotel, you might expect a luxurious experience, but you’ll also experience some ghostly activity. The area is the subject of numerous ghost stories. The eighth floor is haunted by a man who is one of the images. Another involves a supposedly hanged-off ex-employee who is said to still haunt the staircase. In addition, there have been reports of unexpected trips made by the elevator to the penthouse level. What a strange thing.

100 Front St. West

Mr. Christie

Mr. Christie produces more than just tasty cookies. It’s possible that the wealthy family who makes some of your favorite sweet treats has a few ghosts in their past. According to rumors, a woman who was held captive by a troubled Christie family member haunts the old Christie Mansion. She was reportedly kept locked in a room by Robert Jaffray Christie, who also brought her food and paid her visits as needed. She obviously did not enjoy the arrangement, and rumor has it that she hanged herself to get away from it. The Christie Mansion is now a part of the University of Toronto campus and is a popular place for students to study. This is one of the most haunted houses in Toronto for Halloween 2022.

Mackenzie Residence


The Mackenzie House is the renowned final residence of William Lyon Mackenzie, Toronto’s first mayor. But it also contains a terrifying tale. Many people think Mackenzie still haunts the cemetery even though he is buried there. It makes sense that their spirits are still there since both he and his wife passed away there. These days, you can tour the haunted house in toronto on your own with the help of HistoricTO.

Location: 82 Bond St.

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