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Top super unique things in New Zealand

Do you believe New Zealand is the same as every other country? Think! There is so much that distinguishes New Zealand, or Aotearoa! There is so much unique to New Zealand, from fauna that can only be found in New Zealand to activities that can only be done in New Zealand. So, here are the most unique things about New Zealand to motivate you for your New Zealand visit!

Birds – New Zealand


Let us begin with the obvious! The wildlife, particularly the birds, is what distinguishes New Zealand. Many of New Zealand’s birds can only be found in New Zealand; they are not found anywhere else. From the world’s only alpine parrot kea to the iconic flightless kiwi, New Zealand provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness some remarkable birds. If you didn’t like birds before visiting New Zealand, you’ll be out by the time you leave.



In New Zealand, no insects can kill you, yet you should avoid getting bitten by a white-tailed spider. Insects should avoid other insects since New Zealand is home to the powelliphanta, the world’s most giant carnivorous snail, which sucks worms like spaghetti. Furthermore, the enormous wetas, an insect related to crickets, is one of the world’s largest insects, weighing up to 70g (2.5oz).

Maori tradition


The first people to settle in New Zealand were Maori, Polynesian explorers whose origins are unknown. The Maori have created a distinct New Zealand culture in which every site has a tale or legend. Experience New Zealand’s Maori culture firsthand by attending a kapa haka cultural show or partaking in a hangi dinner.

Culinary – unique things in New Zealand


Aside from the excellent Hangi, which is slow-cooked in an earthen oven, New Zealand is proud of its food. Drink L&P, Lemon & Paeroa, a soft drink similar to Coke and Sprite in New Zealand. There are also tasty Whittaker’s Chocolate blocks in various flavor combinations. Finally, try a pavlova from the nation where it was invented.

Natural landscape


Other countries have beaches, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, etc. However, New Zealand is thought to have some of the best present examples of Gondwanaland landscapes, particularly in Fiordland National Park. This World Heritage Site is like walking back to the Jurassic period, which you won’t find anywhere else.

The night sky – unique things in New Zealand


New Zealand is home to the largest International Dark Sky Reserve in the Southern Hemisphere. It has one of the world’s greatest views of the southern night sky. Furthermore, the Southern Lights, often known as the Aurora Australis, can be seen frequently.


There are some exciting things to do in New Zealand. Where else can you go blackwater rafting under the stars? Where else can you stroll on an active marine volcano? Have you ever seen a big squid at a museum? Jet ski landing on a glacier? New Zealand has so many strange and lovely things to do that it is truly unique.

Location of filming


Many films have been filmed in New Zealand, the most notable of which is The Lord of the Rings. More titles can be found in the 12 films shot in New Zealand. These filming locations can only be found in New Zealand since they were shot there.

The city that saw the sun for the first time

Because of its location on the International Date Line, New Zealand is the first city in the world to view the sunrise of a new day. The day begins at Gisborne, on the East Coast of the North Island. It is also well-known for hosting the Rhythm & Vines New Year’s Eve festival to commemorate being one of the first places to greet the new year.

Accommodation – unique things in New Zealand

Yes, some relatively unusual and excellent hotel alternatives all around the country are an experience in and of themselves. Of course, you may be able to stay at the Maraes or Maori meeting sites. Or how about being in a Hobbit Hole, a railway compartment, or a massive shoe?

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