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Top Stunning Beaches In Waikiki, Hawaii

We all know that Hawaii is a tropical paradise with beautiful coasts. However, we may not sure about how many of the hidden gems are there. This list will show you the top stunning beaches in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Duke Kahanamoku Beach


Duke Kahanamoku Beach maintains an outstanding prestige for its wonderful water outdoor activities for ages. People fly to this well-known beach almost on a daily basis just to enjoy the aquatic games here. 

Some of the sports are really famous among visitors such as surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, and swimming. They also offer surfing lessons for those who want to learn. You can access other classes like kayaks, sailing, paddleboards, snorkeling tours, scuba diving, etc. The Hawaiian has everything just to satisfy the sea adventurers.

Moreover, the water here is calm and kind of safe for you to swim, and it’s the reason why Duke Kahanamoku is one of the most famous beaches in Waikiki. 

San Souci Beach – Stunning Beaches In Waikiki


San Souci Beach, or in another name, Kaimana Beach has a soft, gentle wave routine. The calm waters create an excellent experience for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming. 

People with kids can enjoy playing on the surface parts of this lovely beach. The War Memorial Natatorium walls fairly enclose these shallow waters, which causes this beach to look kid-friendly.

Prince Kuhio Beach


The best feature about dwelling in Kuhio Beach is that it’s completely secure for kids and effortless to discover. 

The beach has two different areas of water for visitors to choose from. The first one pounding ocean waters and the second is the enclosed swimming area. The former is more suitable for adults, while the ladder is the best choice for people who come with children.

The locals call that enclosed area “The Ponds”. It contains two back-to-back substantial walls that extend approximately 40 yards into the ocean. This is more like a saltwater pool and truly safe for children.

Gray’s Beach – Stunning Beaches In Waikiki


Gray’s Beach is a miniature beach near the east side of Halekulani Hotel. Its location is on the west of Diamond Head. Due to its high tide at particular times of the day, it’s kind of dangerous to swim. 

Though the local government here currently refilled much of the beach’s sand, Gray’s area still lacks sand to be safe enough. Nevertheless, Gray’s Beach furnishes an altogether delightful experience such as sunbathing and people-watching!

Royal Hawaiian Beach


If you want to enjoy the fantastic sights of the ocean, you should probably go to the Royal Hawaiian Beach.

When you look across the Diamond Head, wait a bit to admire its incredible beauty. Then, you can set upon the Beach’s blue and warm waters. Plus, enjoy the Royal Hawaiian Hotel with its unique mission-style of the bell towers.

Besides, do not forget to take advantage of all the services it suggests. The beach has sunbathing and swimming, of course, there are also paddleboarding and kayaking. Like other beaches, they offer surfing and canoe riding lessons. So, try to explore all of them.

Fort DeRussy Beach Park -Stunning Beaches In Waikiki


This Beach Park offers a spacious area for you and your beloved ones to wander around and explore.

Besides the coast, you can enjoy this Park’s expansive green space for playing outdoor recreational such as picnicking, grilling, playgrounds for children, or just merely free your mind a little while under the sunshine.

Other parts include free entry to the military gallery. This gallery has great value for history enthusiasts. On the seaside of Fort DeRussy, the water is crystal clear and normally calm, which is excellent for paddleboarding. Plus, this is a rare place in Waikiki that have no crowds. 

Outrigger Canoe Club Beach


The last space of Waikiki Beach is an ideal remote heaven where you can appreciate the gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets. 

To reach the destination, you have to go across the eastern stop of San Souci beach. Then, you will see stairs that take you over onto this Outrigger Club beach.

Or else, you just need to step through the Lotus at the parking lot of Diamond Head Hotel. After that, search for the alleyway next to the Colony Surf Hotel, you will also find a way that leads you down onto Outrigger Club Beach.

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