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Top outstanding sights you must view in Jasper National Park, Canada

Here are some of the outstanding sights you must view in Jasper National Park and some inspiring photos. Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Jasper is one of Canada’s oldest and largest national parks. There’s plenty of room to wander. And countless beautiful sights you must see in Jasper National Park.

Maligne Canyon – Jasper National Park


This is one of the best attractions of Jasper National Park. A truly breathtaking canyon, it plunges to a depth of 160 feet (48 m)

Walking along the canyon is the ultimate way to experience it. You can start at various points along the canyon, crossing several bridges.

Winter in Jasper is an entirely different experience. You can hike up inside the Maligne Gorge and get a close-up view of the frozen waterfalls. This beauty is comparable to Canada’s famous waterfall – Niagara falls

Maligne Lake


Lake Maligne is the largest natural lake in the Rockies. Exciting activities you can experience here are Canoeing on the lake, Boat excursions to Spirit Island.

See the giant moose in Jasper National Park


About 1,300 moose live in Jasper National Park. So elk is one of the exciting things about Jasper National Park.

You don’t even have to go anywhere special to see elk in Jasper. They are commonly found in fields along highways (Highway 16 and Highway 93) and in and around town.

Angel Glacier and Cavell Meadows

The hike to Cavell Meadows is one of Jasper’s most spectacular and best hikes.

The views of the two glaciers above are astounding – they are genuinely must-see sights in Jasper National Park.

Medicine Lake


Nestled in the Maligne Valley, the Lake of Medicine is a lake that collects glacial water from the overflowing Maligne River.

Towards the beginning of summer, the water condenses into a lake.

However, you may only see a few small lakes during autumn – the rest of the lake’s water has drained through underground sinkholes during the summer.

You might even see black bears grazing near the lake if you’re lucky!

Athabasca Falls


On the upper reaches of the Athabasca River, the Athabasca falls are not very high, but they are mighty.

Lichens on the rocks change color with the seasons – from green and yellow to orange and red in the fall.

Wildflowers in Jasper National Park

The wildflowers in spring and summer! They are as beautiful as the breathtaking mountains. A sea of ​​colorful alpine wildflowers greets you as you hike in Cavell Meadows.

You can also see carpets of purple calyx and green heather.

Sunwapta Falls

Located on the Icefields Parkway, they are a pair of waterfalls created by hanging valleys.

Thuong Waterfall is located right next to the road, so walking and taking pictures is very convenient. Lower Falls is a short walk away.

The falls are most special in late spring when the snow is melting and fog clouds surround it.

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