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Top National Holidays Netherlands That Shock for Tourists

Every country has its major holidays noted by the country, its history and its people. The Netherlands also has important national holidays. Then the Dutch people will have a break and celebrate. Here is a list of the most important Dutch holidays in 2022, such as New Year’s Eve in Holland, King’s Day, or Dutch Christmas. And in particular, this list will guide tourists on the best way to celebrate the Dutch way.

New Year’s Eve, a national holiday in the Netherlands


New Year’s Eve is a national holiday in the Netherlands every year. The majority of people spend the evening with friends or family, watching the famous “New Year’s Eve conferences,” and drinking copious amounts of champagne while eating greasy oliebollen (a traditional Dutch pastry: deep-fried dough balls with raisins) and apple beignets. Until midnight, when the fireworks explode.

Everyone in Holland is permitted to purchase their own supply of fireworks to light up the sky, which many people do enthusiastically. Every year, millions of euros are spent, making it a true spectacle. While fireworks are only permitted for one hour on New Year’s Eve, there is a lot of popping and banging all day and night.

If you happen to be in Holland on January 1st, you can take part in an extraordinary tradition called the New Year’s Dive. In over 200 locations, New Year’s Day begins with a refreshing dip in the sea or lake. Scheveningen hosts the largest event with the greatest number of participants.

Public Holidays Netherlands in 2022 You Cannot Miss

Easter Day (April 17 )


Easter is celebrated in the Netherlands in the same way that it is in many other Western countries: there are chocolate eggs, big brunches, and even a day or two off work.

The holiday is observed on Good Friday (Goede Vrijdag), Easter Sunday (Eerste Paasdag), and Easter Monday, as it is elsewhere (Tweede Paasdag). However, there are some aspects of this holiday that the Dutch observe differently.

Easter symbols and decorations are common in many countries, but let’s just say the Dutch go above and beyond to let everyone know it’s Easter. Shops, supermarkets, and tables are all decorated with what can only be described as an Easter Christmas tree.

Don’t skip Easter in Holland this Sunday

King’s Birthday ( April 27 )

Top 8 Cool Facts About the Dutch King's Day
King’s Day

On April 27, the Netherlands celebrates the King’s official birthday (King’s Day, Koningsdag) with parties, street markets, concerts, and special events for the royal family. This is the most important public national holiday in the Netherlands in 2022.

King’s Day celebrations begin on the evening before the day in many towns and cities, particularly Amsterdam, Arnhem, Utrecht, and The Hague. In many city and town centers, people set up stalls to sell secondhand goods and King’s Day-themed items.

Every year on King’s Day, the royal family pays a visit to one or more locations. They are kept entertained by displays and performances centered on local historical events. The royal family members generally participate in the games in a lighthearted manner and greet the thousands of people who come to see them.

Top 8 Cool Facts About the Dutch King’s Day

Christmas Eve is the biggest public national holiday in the Netherlands 2022


Every year on December 25, the Netherlands celebrates Christmas Day. It allows people to spend time with their families and friends. Prior to Christmas, many people decorate their homes and visit Christmas markets. They then prepare and eat a lavish meal, and on Christmas Day, they may attend a special church service.

Many people decorate their homes and gardens in the weeks leading up to December 25 with Christmas trees, evergreen leaves and branches, small electric lights, and other decorations such as glass baubles, bells, and stars. They might also go to Christmas markets in town squares, large indoor halls, and even caves. Christmas markets sell seasonal decorations, music, snacks, and gifts.

Many people have a big breakfast or brunch, as well as a special Christmas meal. North Sea shrimps; smoked fish, particularly salmon and eel; soup; roast or stewed poultry or meat, such as duck, turkey, beef, wild boar, or venison; and a selection of seasonal vegetables are typical.

St. Stephen’s Day ( Monday, December 26, 2022 )

St. Stephen-Day-in-netherlands
St. Stephen-Day-in-netherlands

Many Dutch people celebrate the second day of Christmas, which falls on December 26. It is either a continuation of the Christmas holiday or an opportunity to spend time outdoors, with family, or with friends. Today is also St. Stephen’s Day.

On Saint Stephen’s Day, December 26, some Christians attend church. However, many people spend the second day of Christmas in the same way they do the first. They spend the majority of the day cooking and eating a large meal with family or close friends. Many couples spend Christmas Day with one partner’s parents and the next day with the other partner’s parents. Others pay visits to grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces.

Others plan a more active day, going for a walk or cycle ride in the countryside or along the coast, competing in sports, or visiting a children’s farm or a Christmas market. Mobile ice skating rinks at Christmas markets are especially popular. Those who spend the day quietly may choose to spend the evening at the theater, a musical, or the movies. For some, December 26 is the traditional day to depart for a winter vacation centered on skiing or snowboarding in countries such as France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, or Italy.

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