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Top Myths About Canada That Make Foreigners Misunderstood ( Part 2 )

Canada is very popular with tourists all over the world in recent years. There are many myths about Canada that every traveler passes on. However, the following are myths that foreigners have misunderstood about Canada.

This is part 1 of this topic. You can follow up here: 5 Myths About Canada That Make Foreigners Misunderstood

All Canadians play and watch hockey.


No, this is not true at all. Many Canadians have never even held a hockey stick and are not interested in watching the game. Unless the Winter Olympics are on and it’s a men’s or women’s hockey final and Canada is competing, every one of us is a big fan.

All Canadians speak French.


Completely wrong. French is one of the two official languages of Canada. French is widely spoken in the province of Quebec and French is taught to children in primary schools! So most Canadians can speak some French. However, for many Canadians they only speak a little French for basic communication. While we’re at it, read more about 7 Most Charming Towns in Quebec If You Want To Escape The City

You can visit Canada all in 1 week


Did you know Canada is really big? If you think you can cram visits to both the coast and Toronto, Montreal and the Rockies into a one or two-week visit, you’d better get used to not sleeping. It takes more than a week of driving eight hours a day to get from one shore to the other.

Horse-riding police.


Most Canadian police drive cars and wear dark uniforms and casual hats. They sometimes dress up in elaborate costumes with red coats, riding pants, wide-brimmed hats and jumping horses, but that is usually for show. Some uniformed policemen sometimes ride horses in the cities, but they do it in NYC too, so it’s not just a Canadian affair.

Toronto is the capital of Canada


This is the largest city in the country but it is not the capital! The capital city is Ottawa, about five hours northeast of Toronto. Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario. So don’t mistake stupid.

Canadians are very polite.

We’ve picked up a thing or two from our lined-up hometown, and the word sorry is as much a conversation starter as an apology. But you can ruffle our feathers if you try. (Please do not.)

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