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Top 8 Bridges In NZ To Help You Enjoy The Majestic Scenery

Without bridges, it would take them ages to travel anywhere in New Zealand (NZ) due to the country’s numerous hills. They really take those structures for granted! So, there are many spectacular bridges in NZ, such as Auckland Harbour Bridge, Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, Arapuni Swing Bridge, and Kawarau Bridge.

Hokitika Gorge Swingbridge


In the vicinity of Hokitika, use the swing bridge to pass over the awe-inspiring milky blue waters of the Hokitika Gorge. Some people might even consider jumping off it into the water! 23 Unforgettable Walks in Hokitika has more information.

Hokitika, South Island is the location.

NZ’s Auckland Bridge


The 1-kilometer-long Auckland Bridge connects North Shore and Auckland City. If you decide to bungee jump from the bridge, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city while screaming uncontrollably!

Auckland, North Island is the location.

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Arapuni Swing Bridge


The Arapuni Swing Bridge, which is 152 meters (500 feet) long, is the town’s main draw. Cross this enormous bridge to see the Waikato River and the power plants operating below. Besides, the Waikato River Trails, which are designed for cyclists and walkers, include the Arapuni Swing Bridge.

Location: Waikato, North Island, Arapuni

The Blue Pools of Haast Swing Bridges


The Blue Pools of Haast have a swing bridge that spans it as Hokitika Gorge does! This is just one of the many incredible sights along the Haast Pass Highway in the South Island between Haast and Wanaka!

Haast Pass on the South Island

Bridge to Nowhere In NZ


There is absolutely no road access to this historic bridge that is hidden in a rainforest. So, it can only be reached by biking or hiking through the forest. View it as a component of the Whanganui Journey while jet-boating through the park or while hiking there.

Location: North Island’s Whanganui National Park

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Aoraki Mt Cook Swing Bridges


Two awesome swing bridges with breathtaking mountain backdrops are part of the walking trails around Mount Cook, which are tucked away in the Hooker Valley – yes, you read that correctly.

Location: South Island’s Aoraki Mount Cook

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge


This pedestrian bridge, which is part of the acclaimed New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, is a standout feature of the route. The majority of people think it’s whalebone or a breaking wave. You can’t help but be impressed by the way it frames Mt. Taranaki when looking inland on a clear day, no matter how you look at it.

North Island’s New Plymouth is the location.

The Kawarau Bridge In NZ


This bridge, which is tucked away in the breathtaking Kawarau Gorges, is where commercial bungy jumping first gained popularity and where Queenstown first earned its moniker as the “Adventure Capital of the World.”

South Island’s Queenstown is the location.

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