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Top 7 winter spots that will make you adore New Zealand

What a blessing it is to live in paradise. New Zealand is not only a fantastic spot to visit during the sunny summer months, but it also has a serious winter atmosphere.

While our pristine beaches and stunning warm lakes are well known, visitors who visit our shores during the winter months will not be disappointed.

QUEENSTOWN – Best winter spots in New Zealand


Let’s start with the big issues. Whether you’re here to ski or just to enjoy the stunning scenery, Queenstown is undoubtedly our most popular card throughout the winter months. There are some very great photo opportunities everywhere, from the top of the mountain to the edge of the lake.

There’s never been a better time to visit if you’ve never been before. In the winter, Queenstown puts on an incredible show, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever for Kiwis to explore their own backyard.

This is the first year that Queenstown should be fully accessible to Kiwis and Aussies (as well as a handful of other international visitors) after two years of successful and missed ski seasons, which means it will become a party centre this winter.



Tongariro Crossing attracts hundreds of hikers each summer, but it is also a fantastic winter trip. Bring your warmest clothes and best boots and set off to explore this winter paradise. After a long day, treat yourself with a glass of red in front of the crackling fire.

Milford Sound – Best winter spots in New Zealand


Milford Sound, another perennial favorite on New Zealand travel itineraries, is possibly even more stunning in the winter months than it is in the summer. The environment appears even more surreal, and there is no location like it in the world on a blue sky day in the middle of winter.

Milford Sound is another popular international tourist location, so why not incorporate a day trip into your Queenstown adventure? This is a great time to visit Milford Sound because there are fewer visitors than usual, so take advantage and go explore this incredible New Zealand treasure – you won’t be disappointed.

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Wanaka, like Queenstown, is preparing for the winter ski season, but there are plenty of other reasons to visit Wanaka this winter. One of our favorite challenges is to climb Roy’s Peak – the route can be a little hard in spots, but the journey is always worth it – the vistas are the best reward you can imagine!



Dunedin is a summer and winter destination that is frequently ignored. Those that spend less time on the road never disappoint, regardless of the season. Winter, on the other hand, is a fantastic time of year to visit Dunedin. The snow-covered Larnach Castle is one of the country’s most magnificent views, and there’s plenty to see and do in these regions throughout the winter.

MT. COOK – Best winter spots in New Zealand


Mt Cook has snow on its upper peaks all year, but there is something special about this location in winter. The mountain resembles a snow-covered mansion and serves as an excellent backdrop for almost any photograph. We have a great time here!



Another summer favorite that is also a wonderful site to come in the winter. There are ski slopes nearby, but it’s worth visiting only to view the magnificent hues of the water in the winter. You haven’t seen anything yet if you think you’ve seen turquoise!

Hopefully, these gorgeous winter photographs of New Zealand have motivated you to visit this year and witness for yourself how beautiful New Zealand is in winter. Winter is considered New Zealand’s unseasonal season, but many of visitors come to ski and simply enjoy the gorgeous winter scenery.

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