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Top 7 must-do activities in Montreal, according to a local

Montreal is a fantastic city! There’s so much you can do here to spend your time. This post is for you if you are new to Montreal and wish to visit the key attractions. From a culinary, cultural, historical, and architectural standpoint, this is what I believe will best represent Montreal. If you have a day or a week in the city, you must have a mandatory trip experience.

Hello and welcome to Montreal!

Culinary Tour of Montreal – must-do activities


Montreal is, without a doubt, a foodie city. Our classic may be greasy, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we’re good at! Montrealers appreciate treating themselves to a night out and a delicious supper. Indeed, Montreal boasts more restaurants per capita than New York City!

And if you enjoy microbreweries, you should know that Montrealers enjoy drinking beer at night, not just beer. Craft beer that is GOOD. They take brewing very seriously, and it’s no surprise that most breweries are always filled. There’s even a guided tour of Montreal artisan beer if you want an expert to show you around.

Old Montreal Exploration – must-do activities


There’s a lot to see and do in Old Montreal, but if you’re short on time, a stroll down Saint-Paul Street is a terrific way to soak in the city’s famous European ambiance.

There are numerous restaurants, bars, souvenir stores, and art galleries to enjoy along the road, and because Montreal is a very inexpensive city to visit and live in, costs are quite reasonable right away. even for a popular tourism destination

Take advantage of the peculiarities.

It’s undeniable, and it’s definitely on everyone’s list. But it’s worth noting nonetheless! Neither of these sound particularly attractive, but believe me when I say that once you’ve had your first bite, you’ll never want to eat your fries or sandwich any other way.

Sure, all the guidebooks suggest Schwartz’s is a must-visit if you’re in the mood for a Montreal-style pastrami. However, the rising lines and iffy floors irritate me, which leads me to my personal favorite, Lester’s.

Go to one of the markets.


Markets are a terrific place to meet locals and try different foods, especially in the summer when everything is in season (if you haven’t ‘tasted strawberries made in Quebec, you haven’t yet’) live a full life. If you already enjoy visiting markets, a market tour can be a smart choice. I’d also advise visitors to keep their “souvenir money” and spend it on locally produced delights like preserves, ice and cider, and maple goods. as in infinity

Jean-Talon and Atwater are the two biggest markets. I like the latter since, despite being smaller, it is in such a gorgeous setting, perfect for a riverbank picnic afterwards.

Stroll across the Mont-Royal.


I can’t possibly leave my favorite neighborhood, can I? You may undoubtedly understand that I am carefree about the Highlands because I adore it. And the best way to discover it is to simply wander around, appreciate the gorgeous architecture, visit the local stores, relax at one of the many cafés, and absorb the gaze of a large number of people.

Ascending Mont-Royal

That’s probably the greatest spot to begin your journey. It’s a lovely hike (or bus trip, if you’re sluggish like me), and the Belvedere lookout offers stunning views of downtown Montreal and the mountains on the south bank. Also a fantastic selfie location.

Tip: If you’re up early enough, attempt to catch the sunrise at the summit of Mont-Royal. It’s lovely to see the early light softly filtering through the towers.

Check out the most recent exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – must-do activities


While the museum’s permanent collection provides an interesting peek into Canadian art history, the temporary exhibits truly steal the show. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has accepted works by artists such as Chihuly, Rodin, Warhol, Gaultier, and many more on a grand scale and in high-ticket categories. Participation in the exhibitions is usually worthwhile.

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